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  • Ok that was supposed to say to carpe, not carve. Carpe2morrow, see below!

  • To carve: site won’t let me comment on your post directly. Anyway, I went away go one night and two days and it was tricky, and I had access to friends’ kitchens, so I do not envy you, BUT, where there is a will there is a way! Frequent shopping, bring a cooler, do you have some sort of portable blended? Supermarkets sell prepackaged veggies,…[Read more]

  • Does anyone from the website have any thoughts on what Dr Hyman would say is the lesser of two evils for a special Thanksgiving dish I want to make- just one meal, then going back to plan: rice milk or goat milk- same amt. of sugar in each. Thanks

    • I bet he’d say goat milk as rice spikes blood sugar a lot.

      • Thanks Liz, (Can I call you Liz?) thats what I was thinking too!

        And yay! I can reply once someone comments, but how do you be the first to comment? Can’t figure that out. This board SO not user friendly, unless it’s just my IPad!

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  • I am on Day 10. It took me until Day 9 to feel better but my headache subsided as did the sick-to-my-stomach feeling. I had no idea how addicted to caffeine I was. I have decided to give up caffeine permanently. I am living proof not to hang it up when it feels so awful. I have lost 7.5 lbs and 3 inches on my stomach. Thanks for the encouragement.

  • I travel on business 10-12 days per month all at once. I would welcome some suggestions in how to travel and accomplish the detox. I do drive so have the ability to purchase ahead of time.

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  • OMG. Day 12 today and I did all my measurements. EVERYTHING went down except my neck!! And around my waist IN LESS THAN TWO WEEKS I dropped TWO INCHES!! That is INSANE. Guess the processed foods and carbs were making me very bloated. I’m so happy with the results I’m getting a full blood test this morning to see where I am AND (except for…[Read more]

  • hello, I follow the 90 days, feels really good but my weight is on a plateau. In the weekend we had 2 diners with friends and we eat some torte and drank champagne and wine. Result: 2,5 pounds + and feeling so tired yesterday, also my back and arms are tense and painfull. It is so good that you feel the difference, I know what I am going to do…[Read more]

  • anyone know whether the whey protein (3g carb; 1g sugar) shakes are ok for a morning shake? dont want to deviate from the recommended shakes but enjoy these.

    • I bet hyman would say no, due to the sugar.

      • Also, since it is a milk protein, would it be allowed? Not really sure if it is truly dairy or just a component.

        • Good point! And I am also wondering if it has the good fat hyman wants us to consume at every meal.

          • I use hemp or pea, but prefer the creaminess of the pea. You can add coconut oil and or avocado for fat. I always use quite a lot of berries and am still losing, I also add almond butter and nuts. Good luck! I agree whey is at least a component of dairy and would stay away

  • just completed day 10. diet is everything as advertised. Beg wt 2014; today 204. Non-fasting blood sugar day 1 over 300; today 130. if you stick to the letter, the results will continue to motivate you. my numbers declined daily. looking forward to continuing.

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    Completing Day 10 of the Detox. Did it mostly for my sugar but just about everything else worked as advertised. Non-fasting blood sugars started at 307; today at 131. Weight went from 214 to 204. feel more alert, more energy, etc. motivated to continue. The diet is common sense, but i never felt hungry throughout. the results alone will…[Read more]

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  • I’m new to the group and have been preparing for my 10-day detox (planning to start the Monday after Thanksgiving). Extremely excited!! I’ve slowly been cutting back on sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and drinking the shakes for breakfast, eating salads, etc. Just doing that alone is making me painfully achy (I’m going to look at that as a good thing).…[Read more]

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    you are very welcome 8healthy! I see what you mean, something seems wrong with this message board. :(

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    This message is for vc 10 – the site wouldn’t let me reply right under your comment. I thank you very much for the encouragement, and, you are right: LET’S ALL DO THIS TOGETHER! Best of luck to you on the journey, and, again, thank you.

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