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Free Memorial Day Recipe Guide + ButcherBox Offer

Free Memorial Day Recipe Guide + ButcherBox Offer

Now, we all know that burgers are the culinary star at any summer barbecue. One of the first things I make sure to stock up on before I throw an amazing backyard party is quality meat.  

ButcherBox understands that clean meats can be hard to get — and more expensive than conventional alternatives. They make it simple for those who don’t live near a ranch or don’t want to buy a share of a half cow or quarter cow, or don’t have a giant storage freezer.  

When you join ButcherBox, you get regular shipments of great-tasting, 100% grass-fed beef in quantities that are affordable and easy to fit in your freezer.

I’m beyond impressed with the meat that I’ve received from ButcherBox and it has all been absolutely delicious. They have a number of different boxes you can choose from and are flexible with their delivery schedule.

Amazingly, they are able to do all this for an extremely reasonable price that works out to be less than $6.00 a meal. And, they are offering my readers $10 off and free shipping of our special summer holiday box featuring six, ⅓-lb burgers.  


We created a full Memorial Day Recipe Guide that you can download here. This guide will go perfectly with your ButcherBox meats!

What I’ve discovered along my journey toward my optimal health is that we do not have to miss out on all of the fun just because we are dedicated to being the best versions of ourselves. We can eat food that tastes great and is great for us. We CAN love the food that loves us back.

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