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Is Coconut Oil Bad for Your Cholesterol?

“Ever since I started using coconut oil, my cholesterol has spiked,” writes this week’s house call. “I’m afraid coconut oil with all that saturated fat is creating more harm than good. Should I continue to use it?” Since I expressed my love for medium-chain triglyceride oil or MCT oil, I’ve received this question several times. […]

Is Predisposition Pre-Destiny?

Epigenetics suggests that our behavior can influence which of our genes are turned on or off. This has been one of the biggest breakthroughs in medicine. Most people tend to attribute far too much power to their genes. I’ve seen thousands of patients who have blamed genetics for their ailments and diseases, however it is […]

Want a Happy Life? Deal with The Power of Your Mind

Do you believe every stupid thought you have?  It took me a while to break that bad habit.  I used to listen to my own mind like it actually had all the right answers. Sometimes it did and I am grateful for that. I like my mind most of the time. In fact, it has […]

Fat: What I Got Wrong, What I Got Right

Other than politics and religion, nutrition is one of the most divisive areas of debate. I’ve dedicated my life’s work to finding and telling truth about what makes us sick and fat, and most importantly, to the study of food as medicine and to the science of creating health. About ten years ago, I started […]

Quick Herb and Avocado Omelet

This combo from my new book, Eat Fat, Get Thin, is fast enough for a quick breakfast and equally excellent for lunch along with a tossed green salad. Tip: you like dry omelet centers, not creamy, the trick is to use your broiler for about 30 seconds to finish it off in the oven. Click […]

The Starch that Makes You Lean and Healthy

“Dr. Hyman, I took a quick glance at your Eat Fat, Get Thin plan and saw that you recommend potato starch as part of the diet,” writes this week’s house call. “I thought we were supposed to avoid carbs?“ I can understand the confusion surrounding why I would recommend potato starch, considering I’ve discussed how […]

How to Prevent a Food Emergency! And a Giveaway!

This week’s recipe is more about creating a recipe for success rather than creating a menu item.  This week, we are giving you the right ingredients to avoid food emergencies. When your blood sugar starts to drop, you are hard-wired to eat anything (and everything) in sight. Thinking you can use willpower to control your […]

Is Your Olive Oil Really Olive Oil?

“I get so confused choosing the right oils and differentiating between different kinds of fats,” writes this week’s house call. “I watched a 60 Minutes episode that showed olive oil imported from Italy wasn’t really olive oil. And the other day, I went to the supermarket to pick up coconut oil and it said palm oil on […]

Can Being Toxic Make Me Fat?

“Dr. Hyman, I’ve been reading about the role of environmental toxins in our health,” writes this week’s house call. “What is the best way to get rid of these toxins, and are things like household cleaners and skincare products really that harmful?” The short answer is yes. We know that environmental toxins, such as BPA […]

Are My Genes Making Me Fat and Sick?

“For generations, my family has been overweight or obese, and I’m just wondering how much of weight gain is dictated by genes?” writes this week’s house call. “Do my genes create my destiny?” Let’s get the bad news out of the way first. Some genes can predispose you to obesity, type 2 diabetes or heart […]

How Our Government Made Us Fat and Sick!

“Dr. Hyman, I grew up following the guidelines of the Food Pyramid,” writes this week’s house call. “Now the guidelines keep changing. What about these new MyPlate guidelines?  And what about the new 2015 Dietary Guidelines? I am confused. What should I eat?” Here’s the truth: The Government recommendations released in 1980, promoted low-fat diets […]

How to Fix Your Gut Bacteria and Lose Weight

“I read somewhere that a high-fat diet can damage your gut bacteria and promote weight gain,” writes this week’s house call. “Should I be concerned if I’m eating a high-fat diet?” It is true that what you eat can affect your gut bacteria, for better and for worse, and changes in your gut bacteria or […]