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How to Fix Your Gut Bacteria and Lo...

“I read somewhere that a high-fat diet can damage your gut bacteria and promote weight gain,” writes this week’s house call. “Should I be concerned if I’m eating a high-fat […]

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  • 2/18

Alzheimer’s = Type 3 Diabetes

“My parents are getting older and I want to do everything I can to help them prevent Alzheimer’s, considering both my grandmothers had this disease, and I am worried about […]

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  • 2/12
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The Secret Fat that Makes You Thin

“Dr. Hyman, I’ve heard you mention MCT oil before,” writes this week’s house call. “Can you tell me more about it and the potential benefits?” MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides […]

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  • 2/4

Why Oil is Bad for You

“Dr. Hyman, I grew up in a house where we used vegetable oil every day to cook with,” writes this week’s house call. “My mom still uses these oils and […]

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  • 1/29

Is Meat Good or Bad for You?

“Dr. Hyman, I see so many conflicting reports about meat,” begins this week’s house call question. “Some say it can be part of a healthy diet. Others declare it is […]

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  • 1/22

7 Ways to Optimize Cholesterol

“My doctor says my LDL cholesterol is really high and he’s concerned,” is this week’s house call question. “Now you’re saying that I should eat more fat, which should improve […]

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  • 1/14

Why Fat Doesn’t Make You Fat!

“The plan you’re putting me on includes lots of nuts, seeds, coconut oil, avocados, eggs, and even some butter,” a patient recently told me. “I can’t shake my fear of […]

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  • 1/8
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Always Hungry? Here’s why.

Books on weight loss fall into 2 categories: Books by “experts” advocating some variations of the same advice we’ve heard for years: eat less/exercise more, and books by celebrities, often […]

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  • 1/4

Hit Your Reset Button to Make 2016 ...

“I’m really interested in doing a New Year’s reset and The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet seems like the right choice,” begins this week’s house call. “But can you […]

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  • 12/31

Separating Fat from Fiction: 10 Fat...

“Everyone seems to be talking about fat these days. That fat somehow is good now and can help with weight loss and disease prevention.  How can that be true when […]

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  • 12/27

Stop Being “Nice” and Do This I...

This week’s House Call is really a personal confession!  I’ve long struggled with being a “nice-a-holic,” which in a backward kind of way is actually a form of lying – […]

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  • 12/17

8 Strategies to Reverse Skinny-Fat ...

“If I’m not overweight, do I need to become concerned about obesity and other health issues?” asks this week’s House Call. “Even though I drink soda and eat whatever I […]

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  • 12/11