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Why Your New Year’s Resolutions D...

How many reasons do you have for loving or hating this time of year?  For me, the holiday season is a time to be present with myself and my loved […]

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  • 12/27

A Pilgrimage to Bhutan: Making Sens...

What we can be sure of is change, the unpredictability and shifting nature of life.   How we relate to that change determines everything – does it beat us down or […]

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  • 12/22

Holiday Survival Tips

I can’t think of a better time of year than the holidays to embrace all that life throws at us.  Stress levels tend to soar about potential disasters many of […]

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  • 12/12

Raising Healthy Eaters – Part...

In this final blog on raising healthy eaters I share effective tactics to introduce your little ones to the kitchen, create a playful and safe space for experimenting and learning, […]

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  • 12/6

Raising Healthy Eaters – Part...

A baby nursing at a mother’s breast… is an undeniable affirmation of our rootedness in nature.  –David Suzuki In Part I of the Raising Healthy Eaters series we talked about […]

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  • 11/29

Raising Healthy Eaters – Part I

As a father of two, I have had my share of parenting trials and tribulations.  Raising children is the hardest yet most rewarding job I have had. What I have […]

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  • 11/20

Detox Made Safe and Simple

With the holiday season right around the corner, there is no better time than the present to fortify our diet and cement healthy eating.  Ironically, while healthy eating is our […]

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  • 11/15

Should I Get the Flu Shot?

While we are all trying to enjoy the change of seasons and soak up the beauty of fall, one question persists among the masses.  Should I get the flu shot? […]

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  • 10/23

Cooking Your Way Out of Disease

The slow insidious displacement of home cooked and communally shared family meals by the industrial food system has fattened our nation and weakened our family ties. The Great Life Cookbook, […]

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  • 10/12

Can a Candy Bar Save the World?

The last thing we need is more junk food.  But Americans have a love affair with junk food that will not soon be broken. Candy is a $30 billion industry, […]

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  • 10/5

Is Coffee Bad Or Good For Your Heal...

Coffee is the magic elixir that keeps America humming. Before indoor plumbing was available and potable water was everywhere, Americans drank beer for breakfast and all through the day, resulting […]

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  • 9/19

Money, Politics, and Health Care: A...

Last week, in Part I of Money Politics and Health Care: A Disease-Creation Economy, I outlined the issues that created this condition in our society.  This week, in Part II, […]

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  • 9/12