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Your Health is a Stewardship: An Interview with Rick Warren

The Daniel Plan at Saddleback

WELCOME SADDLEBACK MEMBERS! Here you will find the books and supplements that will support your journey on The Daniel Plan. Please choose the products that best suit your health goals and order them as soon as possible so you can get a prompt start on the program. The UltraMind Solution The UltraMind Solution is a […]

The UltraMind Companion Guide

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Educational Resources for Physician’s

THE FOLLOWING ARE EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES I use on a daily basis. In my view they represent the best of the best sources of information, research, and ongoing training for physician’s. Institute for Functional Medicine Books, Training Programs, and More The goal of the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM) is to serve the highest expression of […]

Paradigm Shift: The End of “Normal Science” in Medicine

WHAT FOLLOWS IS AN ARTICLE I wrote a few years ago that reviews the intellectual history of the pioneers in nutrition and the fathers of functional medicine. These revolutionary thinkers and scientists are responsible for re-framing our entire notion of nutrition and vitamin and mineral therapy away from its once limited use in the treatment […]

Why Functional Medicine?

OVER THE YEARS I HAVE SHARED with many of you my passion for an emerging health care model based on systems medicine — functional medicine — that can reduce the global burden of chronic disease, improve patient outcomes, create healthy communities, and avert an economic crisis from escalating health care costs. Welcome to my first e-newsletter created […]

Urban Zen Slides

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD the slides from the Urban Zen Seminar.

Physician's Corner: Resources for Physicians

NAVIGATING MEDICAL RESEARCH, finding unbiased medical education and learning the skills to enable you to care for patients using the revolutionary principles emerging from that science is a difficult challenge whether you want to transform your practice, enhance your current knowledge base, or simply become more educated about treatments that more than half of your […]

Google Conference: UltraMind, Healthy Body, Powerful Mind

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Cancer: New Science on How to Prevent and Treat It—A Report from TEDMED

CONVENTIONAL MEDICINE HAS LOST THE BATTLE WITH CANCER. But that doesn’t mean the war is over. Let me explain why we may finally be heading in the right direction. I just returned from TEDMED, an extraordinary gathering of brilliant minds from science, medicine, business, and technology—a veritable intellectual orgy. During the conference, there was a […]

Dr. Hyman’s Discussion about Soy on the Dr. Oz Show

HEALTH CLAIMS ABOUT SOY ABOUND. It’s been a staple of vegetarian diets and health food programs for decades, and a key ingredient in Asian cuisine for centuries. However, this seemingly wholesome protein-filled plant food has come under scrutiny in recent years by Western science. Some studies seem to suggest it contributes to breast cancer, others […]

How to Eliminate PMS in 5 Simple Steps

SEVENTY-FIVE PERCENT OF WOMEN SUFFER from headaches, mood swings, bloating, and other problems that threaten their relationships, work life, and well-being. It’s a statement that most of us unconsciously accept without a second thought. But it doesn’t have to be this way … It’s true that the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS), like mood swings, […]