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How to Get “Unstuck” from Depression

HOW MANY OF YOU are stuck? Do you feel stuck in depression, sadness, or anxiety? Or are you just a little confused, overburdened, or unhappy? Maybe you are one of the 25 percent of Americans who experience a major depression in their lifetime.  Or maybe you are taking one of the 189 million prescriptions written […]

The Simple Way to Defeat Depression, Overcome Anxiety, and Sharpen Your Mind

ARE YOU ONE OF the 100 million, or one-in-three, Americans struggling through life with a “broken brain?” It doesn’t have to be that way. Today, I’m going to share with you the key to good mental and emotional health — to an “UltraMind” … one that’s calm, confident, and happy. But first, ask yourself these […]

ULTRAMIND®: Key #5 Enhance Detoxification

WELCOME BACK TO my series of blogs on my book, The UltraMind Solution. Download a free sneak preview. Now for today’s blog … I have some bad news and some good news for you about your brain. The bad news is that we live in a poisoned world that damages our brains. The good news […]

ULTRAMIND®: Key #6 Boost Energy Metabolism

WELCOME BACK TO my series of blogs on The UltraMind Solution. You can download a free sneak preview of the book by going here: www.ultramind.com. Now for today’s blog … Do you want more energy? Do you feel like your brain (and the rest of you) is losing energy? If so you aren’t alone. We […]

ULTRAMIND®: The 6-Week Plan to Heal your Brain

WHAT YOU ARE about to learn is what I call “dessert for your mind.” This is the final installment in my series of blogs on my new book, The UltraMind Solution, download your free sneak preview. Now for today’s blog … In previous blogs, I outlined how imbalances in the 7 underlying key systems in your […]

A New Era of Medicine Has Finally Arrived

JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE a diagnosis doesn’t mean you know what’s really wrong with you! Don’t believe that? I didn’t used to, either! As a doctor, I was trained to believe that all people with the same diagnosis were the same. That means, I thought that one person’s asthma was the same as someone else’s […]

Mind Control: How Your Body Can Automatically Improve Depression

CAN YOUR BODY AFFECT  your mind? By making different food and lifestyle choices, can you rid yourself of depression, boost your mood or even improve more serious conditions such as ADHD, autism and more? In my experience, the answer is YES and I’ll show you precisely how in just a second. But first, let me […]

The UltraSimple Diet FAQ: Part 2

PREVIOUSLY, I answered some of your most common questions about The UltraSimple program. But I wanted to take another stab at helping where I can. You asked — and I’ve answered! Here are even more questions — and answers — about the UltraSimple program. Note:  Reminder, you can always find out more about the UltraSimple […]

Obama’s Health Plan: What Matters the Most is Missing

WANT TO KNOW THE real truth about healthcare in this country? Even if President Obama and Congress get everything else right in healthcare reform, it won’t matter … that is, unless we address the underlying causes of illness that drive both skyrocketing healthcare costs and the proliferation of chronic disease. But we can’t get there […]

UltraSimple Diet FAQ: Part I

GOT QUESTIONS ABOUT UltraSimple Diet? Good — because I’ve got answers! I’m going to address some of your most common concerns about the program. Q. How do I know this program is different from all the fads out there, like the Zone, South Beach, Atkins, and other diets? Will this one really help me lose […]

The UltraSimple Diet: A More Detailed Look at How to Kick-Start Your Metabolism

SOON I WILL BE OFFERING you another opportunity to do The UltraSimple Diet Challenge with me as I mentioned in last week’s blog. Let me tell you a little bit about how that will work.  In the next few weeks we will send you a special webinar that will outline how you can become part […]

Vitamin D – Why You are Probably NOT Getting Enough

WHAT VITAMIN DO WE need in amounts up to 25 times higher than the government recommends for us to be healthy? What vitamin deficiency affects over half of the population, is almost never diagnosed, and has been linked to many cancers, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, depression, fibromyalgia, chronic muscle pain, bone loss, and […]