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Breakthrough Discovery on the Causes of Autism

IMAGINE BEING THE PARENT of a young child who is not acting normally and being told by your doctor that your child has autism, that there is no known cause, and there is no known treatment except, perhaps, some behavioral therapy. That is exactly what Jackson’s parents were told as their 22-month old son regressed […]

Physician's Corner: Resources for Physicians

NAVIGATING MEDICAL RESEARCH, finding unbiased medical education and learning the skills to enable you to care for patients using the revolutionary principles emerging from that science is a difficult challenge whether you want to transform your practice, enhance your current knowledge base, or simply become more educated about treatments that more than half of your […]

Google Conference: UltraMind, Healthy Body, Powerful Mind

TO DOWNLOAD Dr. Hyman’s slide presentation from Google on November 9th please join the UltraWellness Community.

New Enhanced Website: Drhyman.com

IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN MY INTENTION TO PROVIDE YOU with the information and tools you need to take advantage of the revolution that is happening in medicine today. Over the years many of you have read my books and blogs or heard me speak about functional medicine—the biggest development and best kept secret in science […]

The Toxic Triad: How Big Food, Big Farming, and Big Pharma Spread Obesity, Diabetes, and Chronic Disease Across the Globe

ONE THIRD OF OUR ECONOMY THRIVE ON MAKING PEOPLE SICK AND FAT. Big Farming grows 500 more calories per person per day than 25 years ago because they get paid to grow extra food even when it is not needed. The extra corn (sugar) and soy (fat) are turned into industrial processed food and sugar-sweetened […]

Dr. Hyman’s Discussion about Soy on the Dr. Oz Show

HEALTH CLAIMS ABOUT SOY ABOUND. It’s been a staple of vegetarian diets and health food programs for decades, and a key ingredient in Asian cuisine for centuries. However, this seemingly wholesome protein-filled plant food has come under scrutiny in recent years by Western science. Some studies seem to suggest it contributes to breast cancer, others […]

Not Having Enough Food Causes Obesity and Diabetes

NOT HAVING ENOUGH TO EAT MAY CAUSE OBESITY, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Most of us think the chronic disease epidemic is fueled by abundance, but it may be fueled as much by food scarcity and insecurity as it is by excess. And, right now, America is suffering from the highest levels of […]

Do Statins Cause Diabetes and Heart Disease?

I WAS READING A SCIENTIFIC PAPER in the Journal of the American Medical Association a number of years ago by Dr. David Jenkins from the University of Toronto. He showed that using a combination of soy, fiber, almonds, and plant sterols (cholesterol-lowering fats) could lower cholesterol levels as much as statin medications.(i) Diet can lower […]

Update on Recent Obesity Research

WHENEVER I READ NEW research that speaks to me, that gives me more insight into our obesity and chronic disease epidemic, I want to share it with my friends and patients. Recently I have read a few studies that are worth mentioning.  The picture of how our bodies’ work is clear – we are just […]

The Spectrum by Dean Ornish – How to Reverse Heart Disease

THINK THAT CHRONIC disease is irreversible?   Think again!   Thirty years ago, Dr. Dean Ornish came up with a radical but simple idea that threatened the very foundation of our whole conception of disease.  He believed that heart disease, cancer, and any chronic illness could actually be reversed with diet and lifestyle changes. Medication and surgery […]

Soda Industry Sees Writing on the Wall, But is it Enough?

I’VE GOT GOOD NEWS and bad news. In an attempt to avoid a face-off with government and class action lawsuits, the food industry has finally agreed to limit soft drinks in schools.  But that doesn’t mean your kids will be drinking healthy beverages.Let me explain. Recently, the American Beverage Association (ABA), which includes Coca-Cola, PepsiCo […]

ULTRAMIND®: Key #6 Boost Energy Metabolism

WELCOME BACK TO my series of blogs on The UltraMind Solution. You can download a free sneak preview of the book by going here: www.ultramind.com. Now for today’s blog … Do you want more energy? Do you feel like your brain (and the rest of you) is losing energy? If so you aren’t alone. We […]