• Your kitchen might be under the cruel reign of the food industry. When you remove the sugary, processed foods that hold your weight and health hostage and replace them with real, whole foods, you have a chance to […]

  • The human body is designed to gain weight and keep it on at all costs. Our survival depends on it. Until we acknowledge that scientific fact, we will never succeed in achieving and maintaining a healthy […]

    • Thanks Dr. Hymen–This article was very timely–as I had my Resting Metabolic Rate done this weekend. Honestly, I had to do a double take when I saw the number 2648 ! I’ve been dieting myself “fat”. Thanks for all you do to educate the public on Functional Medicine.

  • Katie A asks: “What should I eat in the afternoon to keep me from eating anything and everything in site when I get home from work?”

    Dear Katie –

    You know the scenario. It’s 3 p.m., healthy snacks are […]

    • I would love to see the nutrition details for the recipe. Thanks!

    • I will be trying this recipe on the weekend where I can cook it on the woodstove. Sounds lovely! I would recommend that we choose grass-fed organic meats so we can benefit from the healthy fat profile and avoid the unhealthy hormones, and GMO fed beef of the industrialized farms. Very important! Recipes such as these help us to afford the…[Read more]

  • How much you eat matters, but the quality of the food we put into our bodies matters more because it drives our gene function, metabolism, and health.

    Rather than subscribing to the antiquated calories […]

    • Dear Dr Hyman. I’ve just bought you book the blood sugar solution and I’m loving,it, it is opening my eyes to so much that I was never made aware of by my doctor. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 7-8 years ago my doctor put me on insulin right away as my blood sugars were so high. I so desperately want to know how I can stop taking insulin and…[Read more]

    • Hi Mari,
      Your carbohydrate needs will be unique based on the intensity of your exercise and your overall energy needs. Find what works best for you by varying the amount of carbohydrates in your diet including fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, and whole grains instead of foods high in sugar and flours.
      Wishing you the best of health,
      Dr. Hyman Staff

  • Laura B. asks:  “If one awakes in between 1 and 4 am every night for years, what can they do differently to stay asleep and sleep more deeply?”

    Dear Laura,

    If doctors and dietitians had a penny for every […]

  • Did you know you are eating yoga mat ingredients in your fast food sandwich or Silly Putty in your French fries? You should.

    Once or twice in a generation a brave citizen or scientist stands up to the status […]

    • Hi –

      I was wondering what your take is on certain fruits, specifically cherries, peaches, and melons. Are they more for someone who has “graduated” to the Basic Plan?

      Thank you!

      • Hi Charity,
        Yes, 2-3 servings of fresh fruit per day is appropriate for the Blood Sugar Solution Basic plan. We recommend that you limit fruits high in sugar such as banana, grapes, papaya, mango, pineapple and melon.
        Wishing you the best of health,
        Dr. Hyman Staff

    • Dr. Hyman, is full fat coconut milk ok to use as coffee creamer?

    • Loved this recipe! Thank you for all you contribute to help us all be healthier.

  • Rosie G. asks:  What kind of protein power do you recommend on your programs?

    Dear Rosie,

    Another great question – especially for those who are just starting a program or kicking off the New Year trying to […]

  • Attention and focus are hard to come by. Starbucks built a $13 billion business because we need help paying attention. Psychiatrists increasingly diagnose “adult attention deficit disorder” and prescribe Ritalin […]

    • How beautifull you wright and all so true. In this crazy world where people life so fast there is need for slow down and connextion. I am together with my friend a Biodanzateacher here in Belgium. I believe in the USA there are also some teachers. Biodanza means ” the dance of life” and it combines music, movement and the dynamics of a group…[Read more]

    • Life is so simple yet we have made it so hard. Unplug and be happy.

    • When my children were making their confirmation (Catholic), their teacher/instructor was attempting to impress upon them the practice and meaning of prayer, and so she said to them that Prayer was like wasting time. These are 13 – 14 year olds. She reminded the students of times when they were enjoying themselves with TV, social media, reading,…[Read more]

    • Lovely writeup and a wonderful reminder of what truly makes us happy. I can only guess that the 10 day retreat you did was the Goenka 10 day vipassana retreat. I’ve found your writing to be very true of what the experience encompasses. Thankyou for writing

  • I admit it.  I am a “nice-a-holic.”  Its hard to share this because it is embarrassing, but I have learned that I am happiest when I tell the truth, when my mouth and my heart say the same thing.

    My new year’s […]

    • Really needed to hear this exact message today. Thank you for your willingness to live out loud so that we might all benefit from your experiences.

    • Great article – I so agree w/Barb! Very timely message for me. I am geared this way and it has caused me much fall-out. THanks for ‘coming out’ about it, Dr. Hyman! We are legion. This encourages me – thanks!

    • This is what I have been reflecting about the whole day, I could not believe it as I was reading your email!!
      Still struggling with telling the truth no matter what, it is called integrity, my mother had it and i always admired it, even when it was directed at me!
      It is about developing the muscle and I am working on it.
      Thank you

    • Ruth replied 2 months ago

      I too live a “nice-a-holic” life and really need to make change fast. It has taken it’s toll on my entire life, marriage, friends, children, family, etc. More so – ME! I’m so lonely inside because I feel a loss of control due to this big factor of being so nice – I worry about what people think! I sit here and right this and to myself ask “can you…[Read more]

    • You just described me! Probably something from my childhood, that I need to get rid of; we did not have any conflicts then (as if). Past 50 now; time to grow up!
      Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you for sharing. I can definitely relate. Today I am paying the price for being nice and not standing up for myself over the holidays. I truly believe this is the biggest cause of stress and why folks dread Thanksgiving, Christmas and other big holidays.

    • Dr. Hyman, I have been doing a lot of reflection and have many of the same feelings of frustration and ineffectiveness leading up to outright anger. I appreciate the honesty you displayed writing about your feelings and the perspective that being too nice is avoidance, lying and a form of manipulation in order to “keep the peace.” Thank you for…[Read more]

    • My position in the married family life for 22 years was very sensitive. I was just tolerating all injustice and pretended to be accepting all from every one at all times even though I was very much hurt. Now I have understood to be true to my heart is the first prority. Thank you very much.

    • Nice-a-holic is a good name for this relationship sickness. Psychologists call it co-dependance, it is also know commonly as being a Mr Nice Guy – and in my attempt to explain it to others I found the best name for this addiction is “being addicted to others approval”. I have had it for about 40 years. About 20 years unaware and now 20 years…[Read more]

    • Dr. Hyman, your story could be MY story, word for word. I’ve been described as “too nice” and yet, like you, I experience internal emotions that are anything but nice…lots of resentments which I tend to pacify with a snack I don’t need. Being “nice” is not the same as being kind. Thank you for your honesty and for sharing with your reader group. ~wendy

    • I needed this article so bad. Perfect timing. My niceness has been abused. I was truly thrown out of an emotional speeding car when I divorced 2 years ago. Realizing that I gave too much away just to be nice and hoping that he would be happy was a big mistake. Being nice was a kick in my face and I don’t want to reveal anything about what…[Read more]

    • Thank you for your honest sharing reminder of how important our integrity is.

    • Took this to a New Year’s Eve dinner, the hostess loved it and asked for the recipe.

    • Hi Dean,
      The zest of citrus fruit is the outer layer of peel, not including the white part or “pith” underneath it. This sangria recipe contains 17 grams of carbohydrate per serving and is fine for people with diabetes as long as they consider this amount of carbohydrate in proportion to their other foods.
      Wishing you the best of health,
      Dr. Hyman Staff

  • What disease affects EVERY other American and one in four kids? Type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes. Type 2 diabetes in America has tripled since the 1980s, and researchers estimate one in three Americans will have […]

  • I always advocate preparing your own meals whenever you can. Making your own meals saves you time and money, plus you know exactly what goes into everything you prepare.

    Today when you take a trip, you have to […]

  • I had a patient not too long ago who struggled to lose weight. A quick look at her food journal revealed why. To save calories, she skipped breakfast and simply sipped on coffee or one of those “skinny lattes” […]

    • I’ve read the extensive and well documented literature about the many ways to fast intermittently. They make a VERY strong case to skip breakfast in order to extend the “fast” and note that research shows people DO NOT overeat. This is confusing since I follow your site closely and consider it my go-to place for health info. Suggestion: when…[Read more]

      • Yes, I was thinking exactly the same thing! Also, I know a lot of slender people who skip breakfast or just have a piece of fruit for breakfast.

    • Hello Jan,
      Instead of almond butter and almond milk, add cashew butter or raw cashews in place of the almond butter and unsweetened hemp or coconut milk for the almond milk.
      Wishing you the best of health,
      Dr. Hyman Staff

    • Hi Patty,
      Glucomannan is widely available in health food/supplement stores and online. For examples of products to look for, please see Dr. Hyman’s Healthy Living Store at http://store.drhyman.com/Store/Search?Terms=pgx.
      Wishing you the best of health,
      Dr. Hyman Staff

    • Hi Erica,
      Please note that the smoothie recipe makes 2-3 servings. In addition, weight loss is not about the number of calories as it is about the quality of the calories. Please see http://drhyman.com/blog/2014/04/10/calories-dont-matter/ for more information about the importance of food quality.
      Wishing you the best of health,
      Dr. Hyman Staff

    • Hi Kim,
      We recommend a plant-based protein such as pea, hemp, or brown rice. Your protein powder may be just fine. The protein is extracted from the the plant, creating a powder that is virtually carb-free to help you maintain normal blood sugar levels. Here is one example:…[Read more]

    • Hi Mary,
      Dr. Hyman includes his strategies for easy elimination in the 10-Day Detox book. Please follow these guidelines for best results. Did you know you can work with Dr. Hyman’s nutritionists virtually? For personalized nutrition coaching where you can receive 1:1 support with Registered Dietitians, please see:…[Read more]

    • Hi Sandra,
      Soaking your nuts and seeds for at least 30 minutes will improve the digestibility. If you eat almond butter regularly, look for sprouted almond butter vs. the traditional roasted almond butter. Choose a diet rich in omega-3 fats and non-starchy vegetables, and avoid sugar and processed foods to help reduce inflammation.
      Wishing you…[Read more]

  • “If you really knew what was happening to you when you are stressed, you would freak out. It’s not pretty,” I said during the 2013 Third Metric women’s conference. I wasn’t kidding. I could write several books […]

    • Dr. Hyman,

      I am so grateful to you.

      I participated in your Ultra Simple Diet last year and reversed my diabetes.

      I also took the training to be a Certified Psychology of Eating coach and am working to start my practice. I found out about this opportunity from an email you sent.

      You have truly changed my life!


  • “How do I make smart eating choices on a busy schedule?” patients frequently ask.  As a busy doctor, I can understand how eating healthy might feel like a herculean demand and become short shift among the numerous […]

    • hi dr hyman

      thanks so much for this and for all your wonderful life tips and tricks.
      i especially appreciated your you tube videos….they were so nutrient dense!! ok i meant information dense (!! a little paleo joke to show comprehension) and rich with almost everything one needed.

      just one small point…is it probably best not to chop…[Read more]

  • As a doctor, it is my job to figure out the best way to keep my patients healthy. We now know that food is medicine, perhaps the most powerful drug on the planet with the power to cause or cure most disease.  If […]

    • This article makes the most sense to me. I have been so confused for so long about what to eat and what not to eat. Many of my questions have now been answered. I too think Peganism is the way to go.
      Thanks you Dr. Hyman.

    • I also agree. Pegan is a more sensible long-term sustainable approach. Dr. Hyman, when you talk about nuts, you say not peanuts. Why are peanuts bad for you? Thank you.

    • Dr Hyman., that was a great paper. I have recently completed your 10 day detox and dont EVER remember feeling as good as i do now. My blood sugar dropped about 70 pts. With that said i still worry. I have had a heart attack then 2 months later a stroke. I have read Dr Esselstyns Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease. His diet, with proof, has actually…[Read more]

    • I have been working with your program and the one thing I cannot budge is my fasting blood sugar. Any thoughts?

      • Hi Alice,
        Regular exercise, quality sleep, and stress reduction are key elements for lowering your fasting blood sugar in addition to eating a low-glycemic diet. Did you know you can work with Dr. Hyman’s nutritionists virtually? For personalized nutrition coaching where you can receive 1:1 support with Registered Dietitians, please see:…[Read more]

    • I love this post and actually wrote something very similar a few weeks ago on my own blog. I really like what you have to say and I’m glad we are in alignment in so many ways. I think your blog post accounts for the biochemical individuality that might make some foods great for one person, but not so good for someone else.

      I’ve been recently…[Read more]

    • I’ve been dealing with Minimal Change Disease (autoimmune kidney illness/glomerulonephritis) for a year now and am steroid dependent. I’m finally to a point where I’m ready to try an elimination diet to possibly identify triggers to my kidney inflammation. I’ve been contemplating paleo but was concerned about eating too much protein as that can…[Read more]

    • Thank you Dr. Mark Hyman!

    • I love the post. I work with a nonprofit that educates the public and medical community about reversible causes of dementia (seven and counting). Nutrition is huge. One founding board member’s mother came back from a 2 weeks to die diagnosis of terminal dementia and lived another 4 years with her husband. Basic diet: fruits, vegetables, seeds,…[Read more]

    • Dr. Hyman, I generally have a great deal of respect for your message, so I’m surprised you would put out such confusion. Vegan MEANS zero animal products, yet that is not what you propose. I think your eating recommendations here are fine, and they align especially with your 10-day detox. But calling it a Paleo Vegan way of eating is just nuts.…[Read more]

    • Our family became Vegan for about 4 years & initially felt great. However after about 3 years I was reading JJ Virgin’s book & started on her diet which included meat & began eating it again. It was too much. I backed off to having meat about 3 times a week which seems better for us. This article was great as I have thought the same thing for…[Read more]

    • Dr. Hyman; thank you for putting lots of information into a concise and easy to understand format. For me. sometimes information overload equals confusion and procrastination.
      Thanks again,

    • Thank you for finally saying that a low glycemic vegan diet is healthy. I think it is possible to eat a very healthy vegan diet (which I am to do) and I think MANY aspects of the Paleo diet make a lot of sense. I am vegan for ethical reasons, but it is satisfying to hear a very common sense, balanced, and smart approach!!

    • I have been following your eating plan, Blood Sugar Solution, for the last year and found that I have feel better & have lost 50 pounds. Terms are getting confusing…you said you are a
      Pegan or Paleo-Vegan. Are the Blood Sugar Eating Plan and Pegan/Paleo-Vegan interchangeable?

      Also, after one year of eating perfectly I now find myself…[Read more]

    • I became a vegan for the last two months. I took Dr. T. Colin Campbell’s 3-day live course on Whole Food Plant Based eating. I completely bought in. I felt fine eating a vegan diet and I found it quite easy to switch over to.

      I have been a very dedicated weight lifter for 40 years. Unfortunately, I lost a considerable amount of my strength on…[Read more]

      • Hi Jim,
        Thank you for sharing your story and I hope you regain your strength quickly. Yes, canned wild salmon, sardines or herring are an excellent option. Some of our favorite brands include Crown Prince Natural, Vital Choice Seafood, Ecofish, Inc., or SeaBear.
        Wishing you the best of health,
        Dr. Hyman Staff

    • Hi Karen,
      Dr. Hyman’s programs, including the 10-Day Detox Diet and the Blood Sugar Solution, follow the guidelines he’s outlined as “Paleo-Vegan”. The meal plans and recipes outlined in these programs will be exactly what you are looking for! We have a 10-Day Detox Diet Challenge beginning December 4 if you’d like to join us. See …[Read more]

    • I’m so glad to see this article! I was just telling someone the other day that I eat a vegan version of the Paleo diet. I’m vegan because it’s the diet that matches my spiritual/ethical beliefs. I think I’d probably do well on some lean animal protein, but I just can’t eat that way. I’m trying to find my way back to radiant health with a diet…[Read more]

    • Why do we insist on labels. Dr Hyman, your article was spot on except for the labeling eating whole fresh foods should say it all whether you choose to include meat , beans , grains or not. I believe we all can choose a healthy balanced diet and modify it to our individual needs and prefrences.

    • Hi Rachel,
      Dr. Hyman recommends eating sustainably raised, clean meat, poultry and lamb, wild-caught fish, and other esoteric meats such as ostrich, bison or venison as part a healthy diet as they are very helpful in reducing triglycerides, raising HDL (or good cholesterol), lowering blood sugar, reducing belly fat, reducing appetite, raising…[Read more]

    • Hi Dr. Hyman,

      I’m a vegan (for ethical reasons) but have been following the 10-Day detox. (Actually, this is my second time.) I’m really having a hard time finding plant-based protein that’s on the detox, especially since I try to avoid soy products.I’ve been working with your nutritionists, but it’s a puzzle, especially if legumes are off the…[Read more]

    • Whoops, I meant to say that I was having a hard time getting ENOUGH protein. I’m a yoga instructor and pretty active, so the RDA of protein for me is 46 grams. I can get a lot of that from the seeds and nuts and broccoli. But I almost never get the full 46 grams without beans or quinoa. Thanks!

    • I think what hes trying to say is keep the meat consumption to a minimum and only eat grass fed, good quality meat (if your choosing to eat meat)….increasing your vege intake, keep the dairy out, etc etc! I really like this article!

    • Awesome!! Thats my next read :)

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