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Weight Loss 100 lbs

I never thought I could give up the processed carbs and junk but you know what? I don't even miss any of it.

I just turned 46 in August, and I have spent too many of those years morbidly obese and yo-yo dieting. I reached 385.8 pounds. That was a scary number to me, so close to 400 pounds. I was so very unhappy with myself. I couldn’t hardly tie my shoes or cut my own toenails. I couldn’t fit into chairs with arm rests or into booths in restaurants. And forget clothes shopping. That’s never fun at that size. At my heaviest, I was having some female problems. I was anemic, exhausted and not feeling good.

I was  scheduled to have a hysterectomy to take care of my issues. The anesthesiologist came into the room to meet me and discuss my procedure. He took one look at me and said he would not put me under. I was too high of a risk. So I had to have a different procedure done under a spinal tap. That was my wake-up call and the slap in the face that I needed.

I started thinking about what we, as humans, were meant to eat. What our bodies were designed to eat. I kept coming back to plants and animals. Not packaged junk and sugar. I saw the documentary “Fed Up” and that was a huge eye opener for me. It finally all clicked in my brain. Everything that had eluded me for years was suddenly crystal clear. I ran right out and bought your book – Eat Fat, Get Thin – just as soon as it came out. I have shared both the documentary and the book with all who will listen to me.

In 60 weeks, I have not measured any portions, I have not hit the gym once and I have not taken any medications but I have managed to lose 101.8 pounds and am now at 284 pounds by diet alone. I have another +100 pounds to go but this time I know I am going to get there. I know this is not a diet. This is my lifestyle, and I could never imagine going back. Nope not ever. I never thought I could give up the processed carbs and junk, but you know what? I don’t even miss any of it. I feel healthier than ever, and I am excited for the future. For my future healthier me. I can not thank you enough. I share many of your posts on my Facebook page.

You have opened my eyes and given me the knowledge to regain control of my health. THANK YOU!

Mark Hyman MD is the Director of Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Functional Medicine, the Founder of The UltraWellness Center, and a ten-time #1 New York Times Bestselling author.

If you are looking for personalized medical support, we highly recommend contacting Dr. Hyman’s UltraWellness Center in Lenox, Massachusetts today.

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