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Feeling Great and Conquering Eating Out!

Dr Hyman was right! I am starting to feel fantastic! All the toxic foods like sugar, flour, and caffeine are long gone and I feel free of their chains. I will tell you about my experience a few days ago at a beautiful wedding I attended:

We went to a beautiful resort for a family friend, everything was wonderful and gorgeous. Of course, after the ceremony, there was a lavish reception.  I started to panic. I had no clue how I was going to handle the food!

My first obstacle was the bar, oh how I longed for a drink. I told myself, “You can do this.  You’re stronger than this.”  When they asked me what I would like to drink, I replied,  “Water please.” I DID IT! I felt on top of the world – I passed!

I mingled and chatted with friends and family. When the waiter came around offering hors ‘’d’oeuvres,  I declined and I felt great! Then, I approached the Bruschetta bar. I come from an Italian family, this is a staple food.  As I approached,  I saw pureed garlic, pesto, cheese (lots and lots of cheese), and tons of other yummy things! What am I going to do? I feel like I’m starving! I had to stop and remember why I was doing the 10-day detox.  Why I was getting healthy.

I walked by. No plate. No bruschetta. Nothing. TEST TWO PASSED! I was doing the happy dance in my head. I was on cloud nine.

I had pre-ordered the main course months prior to the celebration. The server came to assist our table, and I politely told her, I needed to make sure the meal was gluten/grain free. She was so helpful and ensured me that I had nothing to worry about.

I danced, laughed, and cried at the heartfelt toasts to the bride and groom (skipping the champagne of course)!

A few hours later, the event came along that I dreaded the worst. The wedding cake. It was so pretty and looked so delicious. I just needed one bite, I thought. My “Logical” thinking told me that I did so well, I deserve one piece.  The server came around, passing out cake. This was it – my “Fork in the road moment”.  She asked, I declined. I passed on the sugary, chocolaty cake.  Again, I DID it!

I left the wedding feeling great about my choices. I knew, with a little self coaching, I avoided the toxic foods and stuck with the good ones.

I think I passed with flying colors today … but, I also know that I am the only one in control of how I react to my thoughts. We all have to do what it takes, to detox from toxic foods!

Wishing you health and happiness,
Mark Hyman, MD
Mark Hyman, MD


Kristin Stallman

Kristin (24) is the oldest child in the Stallman family. She is married to Daniel and they have an adorable young son, Bentley. Kristin also volunteers at their Church and is a leader in Girl Scouts. Kristin is a spunky, fun loving person. Kristin enjoys horseback riding, fishing, singing and music. Kristin’s hobbies are: paper quilling, crafting and reading. Kristin wants to get healthy so she has the energy to be a mom to Bentley as well as boost her fertility for a future baby. Birthday: October 13 Starting Weight: 242 lb

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