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The Broken Brain Podcast – Dental Dangers of Mercury, Root Canals, and Fluoride with Dr. Rouzita Rashtian, #17

The Broken Brain Podcast – Dental Dangers of Mercury, Root Canals, and Fluoride with Dr. Rouzita Rashtian, #17



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Your mouth is a part of the body that is often overlooked as the gateway to health problems. By educating ourselves, we can make better choices that will impact our health right now—and for years to come. The Broken Brain Podcast is a place where you can come to listen about any and all topics that impact your brain and your overall health.

Today, my partner and host of The Broken Brain Podcast, Dhru Purohit, talks to biological dentist and surgeon Dr. Rouzita Rashtian about topics that are controversial and misunderstood such as silver fillings, root canals, and fluoride.

What is really happening as you chew or grind your teeth that have silver fillings? When you kill the nerve in your tooth by doing a root canal, are you really removing the risk for future trouble, or are there other ways to treat persistent tooth pain? What about fluoride? Why does the ADA still promote fluoride usage even though we have data showing it’s a neurotoxin—and there is no developmental need for it?

In addition to these big topics, Dhru and Dr. Rashtian discuss the proper way to brush and floss, the deal on mouthwash, and if breastmilk from overnight feedings causes tooth decay.

In this episode, we dive into: 

  • Differences between a biological and conventional dentist (3:33)
  • What are silver fillings made of? (7:55)
  • What happens with silver fillings over time? (10:42)
  • How to safely remove mercury fillings (16:43)
  • Recommended filling materials (22:14)
  • Dr. Rashtian’s dental path (26:20)
  • Root canals – why are they done? (30:02)
  • Alternatives to root canals (36:25)
  • What to do after a root canal (40:57)
  • Fluoride—what you need to know (48:04)
  • Why is fluoride still used? (54:04)
  • Is mouthwash helpful? (55:36)
  • Nutrients for healthy teeth (1:00:38)
  • Breastfeeding at night (1:03:50)
  • Oil pulling (1:06:00)
  • Flossing the right way (1:07:56)
  • Working with Dr. Rashtian (1:12:00)

I know you’ll love all the educational information from this episode of The Broken Brain Podcast as much as I did.

Wishing you health and happiness,
Mark Hyman, MD

PS – If you would like to get in touch with Dr. Rashtian, please visit her website or find a biological dentist in your local area. And for more information on vitamin D, please read this article I wrote.

PPS – Now you can find all the episodes of The Broken Brain Podcast in one place! Check out our new web page.

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