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The Broken Brain Podcast – Depression and Trauma: Looking Beyond Medications with Dr. Omid Naim

The Broken Brain Podcast – Depression and Trauma: Looking Beyond Medications with Dr. Omid Naim



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Trauma comes in several forms and may be felt and held deeply in many different parts of the body. Whether it’s trauma experienced in childhood or a shock to the system from a car accident or act of violence, integrative psychiatrist Dr. Omid Naim, tells us “We can completely recover from trauma.” Did you hear that? We have hope.

Today, host of The Broken Brain Podcast, Dhru, sits down with Dr. Naim from Hope Integrative Psychiatry and La Maida Institute in Los Angeles, CA to discuss many topics that penetrate us to our cores. They discuss the nature of community and why it’s important, including how Dr. Naim has ditched his car and has become comfortable asking for rides from time to time.

They also dig into the controversial topic of treating depression by using a variety of modalities—and digging into the root cause of the depression—rather than using medications alone or as the only option.

In this episode, we dive into:

  • The importance of community and social connection (4:31)
  • Sharing rides in a city that drives (7:54)
  • What is integrative psychiatry? (13:27)
  • A woman’s story of depression (17:45)
  • The challenge of starting with meds first (25:42)
  • Digging in to find the root of the problem (29:28)
  • Dr. Omid’s approach with his patients (32:16)
  • Integrative medicine is not the standard of care (36:15)
  • The types of trauma (39:48)
  • Tools to help release trauma (49:21)
  • Daily routines that create new patterns (50:43)
  • How can we connect with others in community (56:40)
  • Where can I find Dr. Naim online? (1:01:57)

I know you’ll love all the educational information from this episode of The Broken Brain Podcast as much as I did.

Wishing you health and happiness,
Mark Hyman, MD

PS – Learn more about Dr. Omid Naim and his practice Hope Integrative Psychiatry. You can also sign up for his newsletter Rhythms of Nature at La Maida Institute (scroll to bottom of page to sign up).

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