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The Broken Brain Podcast – The Optimal Morning Routine Plus Keto Tips with Dr. Stephanie Estima

The Broken Brain Podcast – The Optimal Morning Routine Plus Keto Tips with Dr. Stephanie Estima



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Every day when we wake we are given a new opportunity to be our best selves—to be present for our loved ones, do the work we are meant to be doing, and feel at peace. However, in our day and age, technology is a part of every waking moment. That cell phone alarm that wakes us up can hijack our mornings, starting us off in a panic, and prompting us to seek out what has happened in the news overnight or who needs something from us.

We can choose a different path, if we want, that can set the pace for our productivity for the rest of the day while, at the same time, helping us feel balanced and happy. Dhru’s conversation on The Broken Brain Podcast this week is all about creating habits that contribute to balance with Dr. Stephanie Estima, founder of The Health Loft in Toronto. Dhru and Dr. Stephanie start off by talking about her morning routine—especially as a mom to three boys—and they meander through many important topics such as breakfast ideas, keto diet tips, isolation new moms can feel, and so much more.

In this episode, we dive into:

  • Why is a morning routine important? (3:05)
  • Core elements of a morning routine to set the tone for the day (5:22)
  • Dr. Stephanie’s breakfast tips (13:14)
  • How does mindset play a role in any routine? (19:14)
  • Childhood habits that played a role in Dr. Stephanie’s mission (26:56)
  • A learning journey to helping people (32:59)
  • Is a keto diet right for everyone? (43:04)
  • The importance of listening to your body (48:04)
  • Dr. Stephanie’s evening routine (50:54)
  • The isolation factor of being a new mom (58:16)
  • How Tetris will help you grow your brain (1:02:22)
  • Where to find Dr. Stephanie (1:08:29)

I know you’ll love all the amazing information in this episode of The Broken Brain Podcast as much as I did.

Wishing you health and happiness,
Mark Hyman, MD

PS – Here are a bunch of helpful links if you’d like more information on Dr. Stephanie’s work:

If you are in Toronto, find her at The Health Loft and worldwide at The Keto Clean Program (Free Masterclass on Keto and Fasting). For more details on routines, here are some articles Dr. Stephanie has written on Morning Routine, on Evening Routine, and on Fasting.


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