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The Broken Brain Podcast – A Holistic Approach to Balancing Your Hormones with Dr. Shawn Tassone

The Broken Brain Podcast – A Holistic Approach to Balancing Your Hormones with Dr. Shawn Tassone



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When a hormonal imbalance is present in your body, did you know the symptoms can vary considerably? Symptoms can include anything from fatigue, depression, anxiety, weight gain, low libido, hair loss, heavy bleeding, fibroids, endometriosis, PCOS, and more.

On today’s Broken Brain Podcast, our host, Dhru, talks to Dr. Shawn Tassone, a board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist through the American Board of Integrative Medicine. He holds a medical degree, in addition to a PhD in mind-body medicine. In his 20 years of practice, Dr. Tassone has seen over 40,000 women and is a highly regarded patient advocate. In this podcast, they discuss how to address the root cause of hormonal imbalances, how our hormones impact our brain health, and the importance of not just treating symptoms, but the body as a whole. They also talk about the mind-body connection and how our mindset and spiritual health are even more powerful than the foods that we eat. Dr. Tassone has made it his life’s mission to educate women about hormones and how to balance them through an integrative approach.

In this episode, we dive into:

  • What influenced Dr. Tassone in becoming an OB/GYN and his journey into integrative medicine (2:53)
  • The fundamental difference between female and male hormones (9:04)
  • The impact of modern day living on hormones (17:01)
  • An overview of hormones and how they function (20:14)
  • Signs of hormonal imbalances (22:30)
  • The relationship between hormones and brain health (32:17)
  • DUTCH hormone test (38:11)
  • The mind-body connection and the impact on our health (41:07)
  • The birth control pill and the long-term effects on women’s health (44:37)
  • Alternative forms of contraception (48:08)
  • Essure device and complications associated with it (51:21)
  • Dr. Tassone’s top three recommendations to support hormonal health (55:16)
  • Learn more about Dr. Tassone and his work (58:21)

I know you’ll love this episode of The Broken Brain Podcast as much as I did.

Wishing you health and happiness,
Mark Hyman, MD

PS – For more on Dr. Shawn Tassone, be sure to follow him on Instagram @shawntassonemd and on Twitter @TassoneDoc. Check out his website http://tassonemd.com, and take his archetype assessment to discover your hormone profile. You can also find his book Contraception Deception, right here.

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