The Top Lab Tests to Determine Whether or Not You’re Actually Healthy with Dr. Casey Means



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The word “metabolism” gets tossed around quite a bit, usually in the context of weight loss. 

It’s important to realize that our metabolic health is so much more than that—it’s the way our 37 trillion cells create energy, so that we can do all the things we want to do in life, big and small. 

With that in mind, it’s pretty alarming to note that nine of the ten leading causes of death in the US are directly caused or worsened by poor blood sugar control and declines in other metabolic markers. Chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s, cancer, and more are all linked in one way or another to various metabolic dysfunctions. 

Today on The Dhru Purohit Podcast, Dhru talks to Dr. Casey Means about the best ways to dial in our metabolic health and take back control of how we feel and how we age. 

Dr. Casey Means is a Stanford-trained physician, Chief Medical Officer and Co-founder of metabolic health company Levels, an Associate Editor of the International Journal of Disease Reversal and Prevention, and a lecturer at Stanford University. 

Her mission is to maximize human potential and reverse the epidemic of preventable chronic disease by empowering individuals with tools that can facilitate a deep understanding of our bodies and inform personalized and sustainable dietary and lifestyle choices. 

In this episode, we dive into: 

  • The top three lab tests to determine if your metabolic health is optimal (6:25)
  • The cholesterol panel and heart disease risk (22:52) 
  • Why triglycerides are so important to look at when it comes to metabolic health (25:53)
  • Optimal triglyceride levels and understanding the triglyceride/HDL ratio (32:57) 
  • Optimal fasting insulin levels (35:50) 
  • How long it takes to adjust numbers on lab tests (46:27) 
  • Optimal hemoglobin A1c levels (52:18)
  • Inflammation and C-reactive protein (1:04:36)
  • How exercise impacts glucose and insulin response (1:18:29)
  • Recommended yearly lab tests and optimal levels (1:33:00)

Also mentioned in this episode:

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Wishing you health and happiness,
Mark Hyman, MD
Mark Hyman, MD


Mark Hyman, MD

Mark Hyman, MD is the Founder and Director of The UltraWellness Center, the Head of Strategy and Innovation of Cleveland Clinic's Center for Functional Medicine, and a 13-time New York Times Bestselling author.

If you are looking for personalized medical support, we highly recommend contacting Dr. Hyman’s UltraWellness Center in Lenox, Massachusetts today.


If you are looking for personalized medical support, we highly recommend contacting Dr. Hyman’s UltraWellness Center in Lenox, Massachusetts today.

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