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My birthday!

This time of year brings a lot of celebrations in our family. Between all the normal holidays, most of us have birthdays. For me, this year was a milestone birthday; I was going to be 25! For me, celebrations were about family, fun, and food. Our family parties were always about eating an awesome dinner […]

A Surprise Visit I Will Never Forget!

We were so excited for today! Today is the day the film crew comes to visit for the second taping of The Dr. Oz Show. We have been so excited to show off our progress! Here is how it went: As the vans and cars filled with cameras and booms arrived, there was so much […]

Concert Conquered!

Last weekend, I visited a local theme park for a Christian concert with some friends. I was so nervous. It wasn’t the rides or the people that I was nervous about – it was the food. How was I going to survive an overnight stay and a whole day at a theme park? There won’t […]

Feeling Great and Conquering Eating Out!

Dr Hyman was right! I am starting to feel fantastic! All the toxic foods like sugar, flour, and caffeine are long gone and I feel free of their chains. I will tell you about my experience a few days ago at a beautiful wedding I attended: We went to a beautiful resort for a family […]

Dealing with Emotions!

After reading about day 5’s topic, Listen, I realized what I was experiencing was totally normal! I felt sad and stressed.  I picked apart everything about myself. I questioned my reasons behind doing the 10-day detox. I told myself, I just need one candy bar, because I had a long day. Then, DING! A light […]