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Why Big Food Should Be Afraid of Yo...

I recently spent four hours at the Nestle headquarters in Cleveland. This might surprise you, and I have to say the experience surprised me, too. So many people within the […]

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  • 5/29

Why Seed Diversity Creates a Strong...

One of my favorite tips for healthy eating is to get a wide variety of colorful plant foods. Greater dietary diversity means a wider array of nutrients to support all […]

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  • 5/28

Our Stolen Seeds: Ending the Grip o...

It’s time we took a whole-farm approach to agriculture. That means we can’t support food policy that subsidizes thousands of acres of corn, soy, and wheat that are turned into […]

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  • 5/24

Overcoming a Traumatic Brain Injury...

     Download MP3 1.7 million people suffer some type of traumatic brain injury each year in the US—from a mild concussion to coma to death. It is estimated that […]

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  • 5/23

Why Making Food Taste Better Makes ...

I’m a big believer in the farm to table movement, but with one major caveat: you can’t skim the cream! What I’m saying is that we can’t cherry pick when […]

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  • 5/22

The problem with our vanishing bact...

I’ve seen thousands of patients over the years who give me a confused look when I tell them we need to work on their bacteria. Now, with the trend of […]

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  • 5/21

Three Days, Real Food, No More Insu...

Food is the biggest cause of disease, which places a massive economic burden on families, societies, and nations. Disease is expensive: people with diabetes, on average, need $16,752 worth of […]

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  • 5/20

What does your microbiome have to d...

Like many of you, I’ve tried my fair share of diets. I grew up on a mix of home-grown produce, traditional Spanish and Jewish staples, and good old TV dinners. […]

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  • 5/17

How to Redesign the Subconscious Mi...

     Download MP3 Who would you be if you weren’t defined by the limiting dialogue of your own mind? We exist within mental constructs that dictate our thoughts, feelings, […]

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  • 5/16

Why Your Health Depends on the Soil

In college, I read a book called The Soil and Health by Albert Howard. Little did I know, that book would forever change the way I viewed the relationship between […]

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  • 5/15

Being Proactive in the Face of Alzh...

I don’t just want to live a long life, I want to live a long, healthy, present life. That’s why I’m so passionate about taking proactive measures to support a […]

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  • 5/14

The State of Science for Sex, Aging...

Americans are living longer, but studies show we haven’t made progress with decreasing the level of disability that comes at the end of life. Luckily, there are plenty of preventative […]

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  • 5/10