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The Broken Brain Podcast – Ev...

           Download MP3 When you are stressed, did you know that your gut bacteria can change? Did you know that if you suffer from a Traumatic Brain […]

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  • 8/16

The Broken Brain Podcast – Th...

           Download MP3 Have you noticed that some people can have a mouth full of cavities, while others don’t? Which category do you fall in? If you […]

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  • 8/9

The Broken Brain Podcast – My...

    Download MP3 As a practicing Functional Medicine doctor, you might be surprised to know that I got sick…really sick. I got so sick that I thought my brain had […]

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  • 8/2

The Broken Brain Podcast – Me...

    Download MP3 Why do people meditate? Is it because they need to de-stress—or is it because they want to work smarter and be more productive? It actually can be […]

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  • 7/26

The Broken Brain Podcast – Mu...

Download MP3 We use our muscles every day—from our brain to our quads—for the smallest and the biggest tasks. Muscles make up an impressive 45% of our body mass. Did […]

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  • 7/19

The Broken Brain Podcast: Episode 1...

Download MP3 We often hear the word inflammation in conjunction with the word disease. Loved ones fall ill, seemingly out of the blue, and it’s devastating. We weren’t expecting it […]

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  • 7/12

The Broken Brain Podcast: Episode 1...

Download MP3 Have you or a loved one been on a destructive path, and wondered how on earth are things going to change? Our good friend and Functional Nutrition expert […]

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  • 7/6

The Broken Brain Podcast: Episode 9...

Download MP3 What do you do when your mom’s health suddenly takes a nosedive and you don’t recognize the person you’ve known your whole life? If you are Max Lugavere, […]

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  • 6/28

The Broken Brain Podcast: Episode 8...

Download MP3 Food. You’ve heard it said many times: Food is medicine. But, do we really understand how our day to day food choices can make or break our health? […]

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  • 6/21

The Broken Brain Podcast: Episode 7...

Download MP3 Do you let your kids play in the dirt or have hand wipes ready for them at every turn? In a society that fears dirt and considers it […]

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  • 6/14

The Broken Brain Podcast: Episode 6...

Download MP3 You’re yawning! What does that mean to your brain? Are you bored? Are you tired? Dr. Titus Chiu, a functional neurologist and one of our Broken Brain experts, […]

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  • 6/8

The Broken Brain Podcast: Episode 5...

 Download MP3 With a much lower Alzheimer’s rate in India, have you been curious about the ancient Indian traditions of Ayurvedic Medicine and how these practices impact brain health? […]

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  • 6/1