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Uncovering The Food Industry’s Li...

     Download MP3 Are you jumping from diet to diet and nothing seems to work? Are you sick of seeing contradictory health advice from experts? Just like the tobacco […]

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  • 2/14

From Baskin-Robbins to a Food Revol...

     Download MP3 The modern industrialized diet is the primary culprit behind the heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, type 2 diabetes, and obesity epidemics. A massive study found that last […]

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  • 2/7

How Friends and Community Can Help ...

     Download MP3 Surrounding ourselves with people that elevate us not only leads to a more fulfilling life, it leads to a healthier and longer one too. In fact, […]

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  • 1/31

Is Toxic Mold Causing Your Symptoms...

     Download MP3 Toxic mold is more common than you may think. Mold exposure causes a variety of health problems like hormonal imbalances, brain fog, headaches, asthma, fatigue, insomnia, […]

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  • 1/24

The Broken Brain Podcast – Un...

     Download MP3 Did you know that 77% of Americans say they regularly experience symptoms caused by stress, 50% experience fatigue, and 30% experience digestive issues? Digestive upset and […]

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  • 1/17

The Broken Brain Podcast – Nu...

     Download MP3 Around the globe, we are waking up to how many of our ailments and illnesses can be attributed to our sedentary lifestyles. We have been told […]

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  • 1/10

The Broken Brain Podcast – Th...

          Download MP3 Did you know that the postpartum hormone drop is considered the largest sudden hormone change in the shortest amount of time… and it has […]

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  • 1/3

The Broken Brain Podcast – A ...

        Download MP3 When a hormonal imbalance is present in your body, did you know the symptoms can vary considerably? Symptoms can include anything from fatigue, depression, anxiety, […]

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  • 12/27

The Broken Brain Podcast – Th...

        Download MP3 Did you know that 50% of human DNA is shared with fungi? Not quite plant and not quite animal, mushrooms occupy a pretty unique place […]

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  • 12/20

The Broken Brain Podcast – Su...

           Download MP3 Did you know that Alzheimer’s is a preventable disease? Our lifestyle choices today are extremely important variables, that are clearly connected to our brains […]

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  • 12/13

The Broken Brain Podcast – Wi...

           Download MP3 Gratitude is the gateway to happiness. Study after study has found that gratitude rewires your brain for positivity. What you put in your body […]

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  • 12/6

The Broken Brain Podcast – Ov...

           Download MP3 Sugar. It’s the one ingredient that so many of us have an unhealthy love affair with that we can’t quite figure out how to […]

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  • 11/29