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My Daily Routine for a Better Brain

My Daily Routine People always want to know what I eat and do every day to stay energized and focused with everything on my plate. I talk a lot about […]

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  • 10/19

I Made a Documentary

I was a thriving, young doctor with a promising career ahead of me. Then, within a short amount of time (it felt like it was almost overnight), my entire life […]

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  • 10/11

Is Your Brain Broken?

I know this might seem like a silly question, but it’s one that I had to ask myself a long time ago when I suddenly became depressed, anxious, and fatigued. […]

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  • 10/4

7 Steps to a Super Brain

“Dr. Hyman, most days I feel like I can’t focus for more than 15 minutes at a time,” writes this week’s house call. “I lose my train of thought and feel like I’m […]

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  • 6/10

How to Fix Our Broken Health Care S...

SOMETHING EXTRAORDINARY HAPPENED while I was flying back from Seattle to Philadelphia recently. I was there teaching other doctors about Functional Medicine at The Institute for Functional Medicine . The […]

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  • 1/27

Breakthrough Discovery on the Cause...

IMAGINE BEING THE PARENT of a young child who is not acting normally and being told by your doctor that your child has autism, that there is no known cause, […]

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  • 12/9
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Why Current Thinking About Autism I...

UNTIL THE LATE 1960’S THE MEDICAL COMMUNITY BELIEVED that autism was caused by “bad mothering”. Today, most people — and most of the medical community — believes that Autism is […]

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  • 5/19