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Are you taking care of your mitocho...

Mitochondria—they’re the microscopic powerhouses hiding within most cells that have huge consequences for our health, especially when it comes to aging.  If you remember back to your early years of […]

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  • 10/15

How to Age Backwards and Live to 18...

Download MP3 When you think of aging, what comes to mind? Do you view it as a positive rite of passage or a negative phenomenon that must simply be endured? […]

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  • 10/3

Age better by harnessing the power ...

Have you ever stopped to think about what you want aging to look like for your unique body? It might be easy to automatically jump to a fantasy of never […]

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  • 9/17

Are we eating too much (or not enou...

These days, we hear a lot about carbs versus fats. But what about protein? It’s become the forgotten macronutrient. But protein plays an essential role in good health. So despite […]

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  • 7/3

The problem with our vanishing bact...

I’ve seen thousands of patients over the years who give me a confused look when I tell them we need to work on their bacteria. Now, with the trend of […]

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  • 5/21

The Missing Fat You Need to Survive...

“Dr. Hyman, I’ve heard so much contradictory information about omega 3 fats,” writes this week’s house call. “Some studies show they help everything while others argue they don’t do much […]

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  • 7/1

Setting the Record Straight on Supp...

So many people today are confused about supplements.  Even many doctors, nutritionists, and other health experts are uncertain.  Why?  Because there’s so much conflicting information in the media. One day, […]

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  • 11/18
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Can Fish Oil Cause Prostate Cancer?

Whenever a newly published health study challenges current thinking, you can bet it won’t be long before the news media starts ratcheting up the drama and jumping to conclusions. This […]

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  • 7/26

Why You Should Not Stop Taking Your...

Do vitamins kill people? How many people have died from taking vitamins? Should you stop your vitamins? It depends. To be exact, it depends on the quality of the science, […]

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  • 10/18

How Dietary Supplements Reduce Heal...

SPENDING JUST PENNIES a day on healthcare can reduce our expenditures by $24 billion over five years. New research from the Lewin Group has shown that spending pennies a day […]

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  • 4/8

Supplements to Support Your Health ...

AS THE NEW YEAR BEGINS, many people are looking for ways to support their health. I have had many people ask me whether or not supplements are a good option […]

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  • 1/14

Do You Need Nutritional Supplements...

MANY PEOPLE ASK me whether or not they need nutritional supplements if they eat a healthy diet. The next question that almost inevitably comes up is what they should take […]

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  • 12/17