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From Funny Food Addict to Happy, He...

It’s never too late to turn your life around. Doing deep emotional work can not only help us find better health and happiness, it can also help us discover our […]

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  • 2/12

How Social Media May Be Ruining You...

Think about how often you check one of your many social media accounts. Chances are you spend a pretty good portion of your time, productivity, and brain power participating in […]

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  • 2/6

The Secrets to Disrupting Your Life...

There are many health topics considered too taboo to talk about—menstruation being one of them. By ignoring this completely normal part of women’s health we miss out on the ability […]

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  • 1/30

Why the CEO of Cleveland Clinic Emb...

Obesity and type 2 diabetes create trillions of dollars in direct and indirect healthcare costs each year, due to their high prevalence and their ability to promote a wide range […]

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  • 1/23

Integrating Functional Medicine int...

In medical school, we learned how to diagnose diseases and treat symptoms. What we didn’t learn is the science of cultivating a healthy inner garden; a strong microbiome that supports […]

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  • 1/16

Is one minute of meditation enough?

How did a skeptical journalist find his way from depression and panic attacks to a more balanced, mindful life? Meditation. For a long time, meditation was sold in a way […]

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  • 1/9

The Microbiome and Whole-Body Healt...

Functional Medicine puts a major focus on the gut. The health of the digestive system greatly impacts the health of the whole body, in large part due to the hundreds […]

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  • 1/3

How to Fix Your Gut Bacteria to Pre...

There’s a lot more happening in your gut than you might think. Sure, our digestive system moves food through the body, extracting nutrients and eliminating waste. But there’s actually a […]

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  • 1/2

Secrets of an Anti-Aging Expert

We’ve all been there: The sun is down, we’re tired from a long day, and we haven’t even had dinner yet. Or maybe you have, but a nighttime craving hits […]

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  • 12/27

How to Die Young as Late as Possibl...

Aging without feeling old—isn’t that what we all want? By embracing the right lifestyle practices, it’s possible to get a new lease on life. Emerging research is showing optimal health […]

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  • 12/26

Sleep Heals

Sleep impacts every part of your health. That’s why we feel our best when we’re well rested, and why we may suffer from mood swings, blood sugar imbalances, poor memory, […]

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  • 12/20

Hack Your Sleep

I often talk about the interconnectedness of the body. After all, Functional Medicine is all about looking at the way our systems function together, rather than focusing on one part […]

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  • 12/19