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Understanding Your Body’s “Bugs”

In Functional Medicine, we put a heavy emphasis on gut health. We know that a strong gut is not just essential for digesting food and absorbing nutrients, but that it […]

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  • 1/22

Can you beat depression with food?

We’re often told that eating well can prevent diabetes, heart disease, and cancer, but what about the effects of diet on mental health? The correlation is just as strong. What […]

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  • 11/28

Why don’t they teach nutritio...

When I was in medical school, I learned very little about nutrition. Sadly, this is the case for most doctors. The desire among physicians to understand the way that food […]

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  • 9/7

The Doctor’s Farmacy: Episode...

Two things I love talking about: food and gratitude. I am very excited to share this week’s episode of The Doctor’s Farmacy with you. I got a chance to sit […]

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  • 6/5

The Broken Brain Podcast: Ayurvedic...

 Download MP3 With a much lower Alzheimer’s rate in India, have you been curious about the ancient Indian traditions of Ayurvedic Medicine and how these practices impact brain health? […]

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  • 6/1

The Broken Brain Podcast:Biohacking...

Download MP3 Inflammation is part of our body’s natural defense system—it can actually help our body protect and heal itself.  However, when your immune system shifts out of balance, inflammation […]

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  • 5/17
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Start Meditating with My Teacher

I used to think I didn’t have time for meditation, but now I realize I don’t have time NOT to meditate—it’s become that integral in helping me feel calmer, happier, […]

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  • 4/10

What NOT to Eat

For the most part, we all understand how to cook with real food. We typically don’t add non-food ingredients into our home-cooked meals. Our avocados aren’t made with green dye. […]

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  • 3/30

Coconut and Macadamia Nut Chicken

I am a big fan of macadamia nuts, so I think this might be one of my new favorite recipes. It comes from Naomi Whittel’s new book Glow 15 which […]

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  • 3/20

What Should You Drink?

You need to drink one thing and one thing only to be healthy: plain water. Of course, if the majority of our population followed this advice, I wouldn’t need to […]

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  • 3/13

Why Being a Health Nut Can Save You...

Nuts are fattening, right? Well no, just the opposite. Americans have never expected much from nuts. We tend to eat them from bowls while sitting around a bar drinking beers, […]

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  • 3/7

Here’s How to Heal Our Broken Bra...

What leads to a broken brain? Most of us never learn how to manage our energy and bodies. Instead, we use drugs like sugar, caffeine, and alcohol to self-medicate and […]

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  • 1/16