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Why I Recommend the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy

I highly recommend The Functional Medicine Coaching Academy’s health coach training. In fact, this is the program I trust to train my own staff. Read on for details about a special discount on FMCA tuition, just for my followers. What is FMCA? The Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (FMCA) is the only coach training program founded in […]

Dr. Elizabeth Boham on Breast Cancer, Women’s Wellness and Becoming the CEO of Your Health

I am so excited to share a recent interview that I did with Dr. Elizabeth Boham, my dear friend and long-time colleague here at The UltraWellness Center in Lenox, Massachusetts. She is Board Certified in Family Medicine from Albany Medical School and an Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner.  She also has her undergraduate degree […]

Why Diseases Don’t Exist and What Really Makes You Sick!

Imagine a time when people died or suffered from incurable acute infections. Imagine a time before antibiotics — when women died of simple childbirth fever, when a bad chest infection could lead to death, when a strep throat caused heart failure, when limbs were amputated because of an infected wound. Those commonplace occurrences seem unimaginable […]

When Life Isn’t Working According to Plan…

I am going to share something very raw and personal with you. It’s something I don’t often do in my blogs, but we are all one human community and in sharing this I hope it….

Should You Fire Your Specialist?

The way most doctors practice medicine right now isn’t working. Medical students are trained to see the body as a collection of isolated parts instead of one whole system. The ensuing move toward medical specialization—organizing medicine by organs and diseases, by location and symptoms—is flawed and, as a result, modern medicine is at a breaking […]

How to Restore Balance and Function

Why Treating Symptoms Makes You Sicker

Future of Medical Care Personalized Lifestyle Medicine

Dr. Hyman Talks About Functional Medicine on The Dr. Oz Show

Functional medicine has finally started to move into the main stream! Recently, on The Dr. Oz Show, myself and four of my colleagues joined with Dr. Oz to talk about what functional medicine is, why it’s a critically important development in medical science, and how it promises to revolutionize medicine. It was an exciting show […]

Give the Gift of Health: A Message from Dr. Hyman

AS I WELCOME IN THE NEW YEAR at home with my family, I thought I’d take a moment to send everyone my heartfelt thanks for your support and enthusiasm for my work and that of my colleagues at The UltraWellness Center. While there are many blessings to count, I know that there are many who […]

The Medicine of Why

ARE YOU INTERESTED IN USING FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE to improve your health? Do you want to give the gift of health to someone you love? Learn how to become a patient at The UltraWellness Center now.

The Medicine of Why