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Rekindled exercise

Back in the day, I lettered in track and cross country. I also pole vaulted. I was district champion and was in the best shape of my life. That was many years ago. Then, I graduated from high school and a couple years later started a family and went to work full time to support my family. […]

Halloween Tricks or Treats for the Stallmans!

The month of October is a special time for our family. We have three October birthdays, and Mike and I married on Halloween. We always enjoy celebrating the last holiday of October and our anniversary with great festive Halloween fun. In past years, we always started our evening with a carb laden and sugar laced […]


One of my favorite animated movies is “Lilo and Stitch.” It is such a sweet story that talks about family or Ohana. The term Ohana is Hawaiian and it means “family bound together to cooperate and remember one another”. As Lilo says, Ohana means no one is left behind or forgotten. When we started this […]

Perfectly Imperfect!

Last week proved to be a difficult one. I had to come face to face with my food diary, and I had to actually turn it in to be reviewed by Dr. Hyman and Lizzy. The great news is that turning it in proved to be so helpful.  Dr. Hyman and Lizzy provided great suggestions on […]

My birthday!

This time of year brings a lot of celebrations in our family. Between all the normal holidays, most of us have birthdays. For me, this year was a milestone birthday; I was going to be 25! For me, celebrations were about family, fun, and food. Our family parties were always about eating an awesome dinner […]

The Diary

When I was a teen I started a diary. Every night or day I would (what I now call) journal. I would put my secrets, fears and hopes into this book.  I would so carefully hide it under my pillow or dresser or anywhere I thought my older brothers wouldn’t find it. Nobody else read […]

A Surprise Visit I Will Never Forget!

We were so excited for today! Today is the day the film crew comes to visit for the second taping of The Dr. Oz Show. We have been so excited to show off our progress! Here is how it went: As the vans and cars filled with cameras and booms arrived, there was so much […]

The Truth Tube

I was so excited to be back on the Dr. Oz show again – what a dream this whole experience has been. The last time we were on the show, I was so overwhelmed by the Truth Tube news.  I had just been told for the first time exactly how sick we all were. Even […]

Dr. Oz asks Me to Help The Stallmans

I first met the Stallman family in the greenroom at The Dr. Oz Show in New York City. The whole family was together, reflecting on the experience of finding out in front of the camera, Dr. Oz and millions of viewers, that they were sick – really sick. Hearing that your blood sugars show you […]

Relax and Be Still

As we journey, I am realizing this truly is SO much more than what we are eating. It is truly about taking care of our whole beings. It is why Dr. Hyman recommends the detox baths, journaling and media fasts to name only a few stress busters. As a Mom, nurturing myself is a new […]

Watch the Stallmans

Watch the Stallmans begin their journey of ditching the chemicals that are causing their inflammation, fatigue and weight gain with Dr. Mark Hyman, MD

Concert Conquered!

Last weekend, I visited a local theme park for a Christian concert with some friends. I was so nervous. It wasn’t the rides or the people that I was nervous about – it was the food. How was I going to survive an overnight stay and a whole day at a theme park? There won’t […]