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New Enhanced Website:

IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN MY INTENTION TO PROVIDE YOU with the information and tools you need to take advantage of the revolution that is happening in medicine today. Over the years many of you have read my books and blogs or heard me speak about functional medicine—the biggest development and best kept secret in science and medicine in the 21st century. Functional medicine offers us a new roadmap to navigate the territory of chronic illness. It is a new paradigm—a whole new way of seeing health and disease—that offers you the promise of rebalancing the underlying systems in your body so that you can achieve a state of vital health and wellbeing. As this science evolves and my relationship with my readers continues to grow, my methods for communicating with you about these new advances and how you can use them to overcome illness and optimize your health are changing as well. That is why I have revised and enhanced my weekly newsletter, my website, and my communication with you. I am often asked how I can help people address many chronic health conditions, optimize their health and their brains, and lose weight using this new paradigm. That is why I have created a new home for all of my online content: my blogs, quizzes, targeted health solutions, information about my books, and recipes and more. All this can now be found at This newly revised website is a work in progress, but I invite you to go there now and see what we are doing. In the coming months my team and I plan to:
  • Develop an integrated store where all of my books, videos, lectures, coaching programs, targeted health solutions, and the supplements I recommend will be all in one place for the first time. We’ve actually started this process already. You can check out the store we have in place now. Eventually this will be the home of a whole new way to access my information and products. (To get a special 10 percent discount to my store, continue reading …)
  • Create new comprehensive health solutions for conditions that range from irritable bowel to asthma to hypertension and more based on functional medicine.
  • Integrate more online quizzes so you can assess and pinpoint imbalances in the key systems in your body and find out the underlying causes of why you are sick.
  • Establish a community where you will be able to interact with others that are on the same road to health you are travelling.
  • Provide you with a more intuitive and interactive set of tools that will help you better understand the fundamentals of functional medicine and how you can use them to improve your health and life.
These changes mark both a new beginning and the continuance of a journey I have been on for many years. As this path continues to unfold, I find myself excited by the developments going on at I hope you will be too. To those of you that have been loyal readers over the years: Thank you. I hope these changes will offer much easier access to my information. For those of you new to this list: Welcome. The world of Functional medicine is rich and the promise it offers is nothing less than optimal health and a life lived to the fullest. As a way of saying thank you to all of you how are interested in and have supported my work over the years, I’d like to offer you a one-time discount to any purchases made in my store. Simply enter the discount code DRH23 in the appropriate place at checkout to receive 10 percent off your first purchase. And don’t forget to follow me on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with the changes we are making, the launch of the new store, and my other upcoming events. Enjoy!
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