Turn the Tables on Diabesity—America’s Epidemic Silent Killer—and… Melt Away the Pounds Like Your Life Depends On It!

Tick tick tick tick…

There’s a hidden time bomb inside 1 of 2 Americans today, and most of these people, including you, won’t know it until it explodes into full-blown diabetes or worse.

Are you one of them?

If you have weight problems… faltering energy … roller-coaster moods … poor resistance to illness … elevated blood sugar … — the answer is almost certainly “yes.”

Let me explain — This condition is called diabesity, a term used to describe the full spectrum of metabolic dysfunction that begins with elevated blood sugar and mild insulin resistance. Over time it grows progressively worse until the day your doctor says, yes, you have full-blown diabetes.

But there’s good news too. Keep reading and you’ll learn about a simple, natural program that lets you defuse this life-threatening condition safely and completely.

It’s so effective that I’ve actually reversed diabetes hundreds of times using the very same principles and steps. Now I’ll share them with you on The Blood Sugar Solution DVD, so that you, too, can:

  • Lose pounds on top of pounds until you reach your ideal weight
  • Enjoy perfectly healthy blood sugar, now and for the rest of your life
  • Experience surging health and energy that make you feel younger by the day
  • Say goodbye to nagging illnesses caused by blood sugar disorders
  • And most important of all if you’re overweight or fighting high blood sugar, you’ll step off the deadly path to diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and cancer, and blaze a new trail to vibrant health instead.

I Want You to Be CEO of Your Health,
and I’ll Show You How

Hi, my name is Dr. Mark Hyman. I’m Founder and Medical Director of The UltraWellness Center in Massachusetts and author of The Blood Sugar Solution, the #1 New York Times and Amazon.com bestseller.

If you struggle with weight, high blood sugar, or type 2 diabetes, then my simple program could make the difference between living a long, healthy life or suffering a tragically premature death.

The choice really can be yours. Don’t let high blood sugar make the choice for you.

Fact is, we are in the grips of the worst unrecognized epidemic the world has ever known. It affects over 150 million Americans, and 90% of these people will go undiagnosed until their condition becomes grave.

The Disease is Called Diabesity,
and It’s Exactly What it Sounds Like.

This metabolic disorder begins with mild insulin resistance that won’t be detected by a typical blood sugar test. It then progresses to more obvious stages: elevated blood sugar, weight gain, prediabetes, and ultimately type 2 diabetes with all its deadly consequences.

Being anywhere on that spectrum means you already have diabesity, and believe me — it’s the mother of all ticking time bombs.

Diabesity is the #1 cause of type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cancer, stroke, and dementia in the United States. Yet most doctors still don’t know how to properly diagnose and treat it.

Incredibly, there are no national screening guidelines to catch diabesity in its early stages, even though insulin resistance is directly responsible for our skyrocketing diabetes rates and millions of premature deaths every year.

At Last, A Healthy Solution Has Arrived. No Drugs, No Shots!

In my DVD presentation, I’ll show you how to diagnose and fix diabesity so that you’ll feel better fast and maintain your good health for a lifetime. If you can spare 60 minutes, you’ll learn everything you need to start your healthy new life.

It doesn’t matter if diabetes runs in your family. You can beat it.

Truth is, the insulin resistance at the root of weight gain and diabetes is almost 100% preventable and curable no matter what your family history.

Your genes may load the gun, but it’s the environment that pulls the trigger — and you have full control over that part of the equation. That means you can melt away the pounds and enjoy renewed vitality at any age with The Blood Sugar Solution:

… Even if you’ve been fighting weight and blood sugar problems for decades

… Even if you’ve tried every diet under the sun without success

… And even if you’re already on insulin or drugs for high blood sugar, diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure, depression, and other diabesity-triggered conditions.

All it takes is your commitment to getting better with the knowledge you’re about to learn. And here’s more incentive to begin…

Success Comes Quickly,
In Days, Not Months

The secret to The Blood Sugar Solution lies with its breakthrough Functional Medicine approach to treating diabesity. This systems-based plan works by identifying and fixing the underlying causes of your blood sugar dysfunction, instead of treating the symptoms with prescription drugs that merely paper over the problem.

That’s what makes The Blood Sugar Solution so different from any other approach you’ve tried before. It actually corrects the imbalances that are driving your runaway blood sugar and weight.

The rationale is simple: when you restore balance to the key areas of your biology, great health happens. Best of all, it doesn’t take long for results to appear.

Blood sugar normalizes. Fat burns off. Energy returns. Illnesses fade. Spirits improve.

And it really works. As one patient said to me, “Dr. Hyman, I didn’t know I felt so bad until I started to feel so good!” You could be the next!

I Expose the Myths
That Keep You Trapped in Diabesity’s Grip

This one-hour Blood Sugar Solution presentation gives you the facts about diabesity together with the easy-to-follow steps and rules you’ll need to turn your health around.

There’s a lot of material to digest, but it all fits in one hour because the essentials of reversing blood sugar problems are really that simple.

First, I expose the biggest myths that keep you overweight and sick.

These misconceptions would make anyone feel powerless, so it’s no wonder so many people just give up and accept their poor health, or get trapped on the pharmaceutical treadmill and keep getting worse.

I take these myths apart, one by one, because it’s time you learned the truth: lifelong diabesity is NOT your destiny; you can readily and naturally beat it on your own.

Once you understand why diabesity has become such an epidemic, you can turn the tables on it. And your journey to health begins with…

The Four Building Blocks of Healthy Balance

You’ll discover that it’s not difficult to build a powerful foundation of health by following a few basic guidelines that I map out for you. These four key steps include:

  1. Boost Your Nutrition. What you put at the end of your fork is much more powerful than anything you’ll find at the bottom of a pill bottle, because food triggers your genes into action, for good and for bad.

    Unhealthy foods activate “bad” genes that make you grow fat and sick, while the right foods turn on “good” genes that will make you healthy again. This is a critical point to remember because the Standard American Diet (SAD) is by far the leading cause of diabesity, thanks to three huge dietary shifts that have literally “turned on” the obesity-driving genes in our bodies.

    I identify these 3 disease-causing triggers and show you where they’re hidden in your diet today. You’ll learn what foods work like medicine to activate health-restoring genes, plus get advice on supplements to prevent deficiencies linked with diabesity.

  2. Boost Your Hormones. Diabesity is not just about insulin. Your full ensemble of hormones play a role in blood sugar metabolism, particularly sex hormones and stress hormones, and they all must work together in balance.

    You’ll learn the keys to keeping key hormones in balance with each other. This will promote healthier blood sugar metabolism and better overall health, too.

  3. Reduce Chronic Inflammation. Did you know that people with high inflammation are 17 times more likely to develop diabetes? Chronic inflammation is a smoldering fire that triggers insulin resistance, which in turn creates more inflammation. Ultimately the whole biological house burns down.

    I tell you about the biggest and most ignored source of hidden inflammation and how you can eliminate it. It affects more than 20 million Americans, and you may be one of them.

  4. Lower Your Toxin Exposure. Toxic overload alone can trigger insulin resistance, make you fat, and cause diabetes, and it’s far more common than you think. If your body is toxic, you can gain weight even without the extra calories.

    I’ll review simple yet effective ways to detoxify yourself without costly health spa treatments, and how to avoid the major hidden sources of toxins in your food and drink.

These four simple keys to health represent the core building blocks to a healthy life free of diabesity. Next, I map out The Blood Sugar Solution itself — the seven-step program that will help you reverse diabesity, lose significant weight, and feel absolutely great.

The 7-Step Blood Sugar Solution for Reversing Diabesity

You will discover the surprisingly few “ingredients” you’ll need to grow healthy and brim with vitality. Here’s just a brief outline:

Step 1: Testing. The easiest test for diabesity is the “mirror” test. Beyond that, there are two critical blood factors that you must get checked — and neither one of them is blood sugar. I’ll tell you exactly what to ask for during your next doctor’s visit.

Step 2. Eat Your Medicine! My 10 Simple Rules For Eating Safely will transform your health and energy beginning in just a matter of days. I’ll also show you how to make the “perfect plate” for every meal … how to time your meals … and how you could trigger an amazing change in your health just by avoiding these two foods for two weeks. Try it!

Step 3: Get a Metabolic “Tune-Up” With Supplements. Widespread nutritional deficiencies play a huge role in diabesity because they slow down metabolism to the point where extra pounds start packing on. I name the supplements you should take, including the weight-loss “super fiber” that I recommend to each of my diabesity patients.

Step 4. Get Moving and Get Relaxed. You need to move — or you won’t. Would you rather get your heart pumping one hour a day, or be dead 24 hours a day? Easy choice! I also talk about the critical need for you to find your “pause button.” Stress makes you fat and relaxing makes you thin.

Step 5. Get Clean and Go Green. I’ll show you the four easy habits that will help you flush away toxic overload on a daily basis. What’s more, you’ll learn the key to avoiding diabesity-triggering toxins in the first place.

Step 6. Get Personal. Functional Medicine is a personalized approach to health, so you must figure out what your body needs and where your imbalances lie. I’ll provide you with advice that helps you make this program work best for you.

Step 7. Get Healthy Together. Getting support for your journey to health is a critical factor in your lasting success. Working together and supporting each other is strong medicine indeed, so I offer suggestions on building your own support network to ensure your success.

You’ll Also See What Real-Life Success Looks Like

During this presentation, you’ll also meet people who have experienced incredible health improvements by following this simple blueprint to health, even when conventional medicine had let them down.

You’ll meet George, a 300-pound man whose entire biological system was in breakdown — obesity, inflammation, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, you name it. Most doctors would’ve treated his multiple symptoms with a cabinet full of pills, but the truth is, George only had ONE problem: diabesity.

We put him on The Blood Sugar Solution and the turnaround was amazing: he lost 140 pounds and today he feels great!

Then there’s Parry. She underwent gastric bypass surgery and was still struggling with her health because the surgery didn’t address her true problems. The foods she ate sent all the wrong “information” to her body. We needed to upgrade her biological software, and so we did.

She lost 80 pounds by following our program, and the safe, natural approach to health melted away the pounds faster than the gastric bypass!

They are just two of the thousands of people who are achieving perfect blood sugar, ideal weight, and energized health right now as you read this. Follow in their footsteps and I guarantee your health will be transformed as well.

Just take the first step and I’ll guide you the rest of the way:

Order Your Copy of
The Blood Sugar Solution DVD
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Just place your order today, and we’ll send you a copy of this life-changing DVD program right away.

But please don’t delay. Insulin resistance is the leading cause of premature death today, and it won’t go away on its own.

The Blood Sugar Solution is the “pound of cure” you need — not drugs or shots — now that you’re past the ounce of prevention stage. And the payoff is something to behold, because this really is the best way yet to…

  • Achieve healthy blood sugar metabolism safely and naturally
  • Lose 10, 15, 20 pounds or more, and keep it off without starving yourself
  • Feel the most energized and motivated you’ve been in years, if not decades
  • Enjoy freedom from depression and chronic illness at long last
  • Protect yourself from the leading cause of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s

If you’re not convinced that it’s the perfect solution for you after watching this program, you may return the DVD anytime in the next 30 days for a complete refund. It’s that simple.

I’m betting that you won’t want to give it up. And once you put the simple steps into action, you’ll realize for sure that it’s the best health investment you’ve ever made.

Act now for perfect blood sugar and vibrant health. It’s just a click away!

To Your Great Health,

Dr. Mark Hyman, M.D.
Founder and Medical Director
The UltraWellness Center, MA

P.S. When you watch the DVD, be sure not to miss the extra Q&A session after the main presentation. In this added section, I explain how to stop food cravings cold in just a few days … more details on fighting inflammation … the “grandmother” test for choosing healthy foods … and much more. Remember, your satisfaction is guaranteed, so order The Blood Sugar Solution DVD today.

P.P.S. By the way, with your order of The Blood Sugar Solution DVD, you can get The Blood Sugar Solution book for just an additional $15.00. See for yourself why this book is a #1 New York Times and Amazon.com bestseller!

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