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Watch the Stallmans

Watch the Stallmans begin their journey of ditching the chemicals that are causing their inflammation, fatigue and weight gain with Dr. Mark Hyman, MD

Dr. Hyman Reveals His 2-Week Gut-Check Plan

Dr. Hyman explains how you have to remove, replace and repair the foods in your diet to help heal chronic stomach issues. Part 2: Cathy Describes Her Constant Stomach Pain. […]

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The truth about nutritional research

We’re always hearing extreme results from nutritional research.  Ranging from the “dangers” of coconut oil and eggs to completely contradictory statements, like that a low-carb diet shortens lifespan and also […]

Is There an Optimal Diet for Humans? ...

 Download MP3 Nutrition experts have long debated whether there is an optimal diet that humans evolved to eat. Studies show that modern hunter-gatherer groups across the globe generally have […]

Is Meat As Bad As We Think: Breaking ...

       When it comes to looking at studies on nutrition, we need to ask the right questions. What type of study is it? Who funded it? What kinds of […]

The Keys to Unlocking Your Larger-Tha...

Download MP3 The hardest part about achieving a dream often isn’t actually achieving it, it’s stepping through your fear of the unknown when you don’t have a clear plan. Having […]

Why Food Matters More Than You Think:...

       Food impacts everything, which is why changing the way we eat and working towards a new food system can be so powerful and far-reaching. Cooking at home used […]

The True Cost of Food

What is the true cost of the food you’re buying?  I’m not talking about the dollars and cents you are paying at the market; I’m talking about the benefit or […]

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Creamy Fennel Kale Chicken Salad

This week’s recipe comes from Brigid Titgemeier, Functional Nutritionist and blogger at Being Brigid. This delicious salad is hardy and satisfying, thanks to the combination of complete protein from the […]

Grain-Free Apple Cinnamon Breakfast P...

This week’s recipe is from Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Paleo chef, Kelsey Ale. This Apple Cinnamon Breakfast Porridge is a comforting grain-free alternative to oatmeal, packed with anti-inflammatory and high-fiber […]

Baked Everything Carrot Fries with Ga...

This week’s recipe comes from Ailsa Cowell, Integrative Nutritionist and blogger at Food to Feel Good. These Baked Everything Carrot Fries are a refreshing and easy alternative to traditional fries; […]

Caprese Salad featuring Punk Rawk Dai...

Today, I’m sharing a recipe from the wonderful folks over at Punk Rawk Labs. They make amazing gourmet, dairy-free cheeses by fermenting high-quality nut milks. Owned by two women with […]

Vietnamese “Noodle” Salad...

This week’s recipe comes from Diana Rodgers at Sustainable Dish, who is a Licensed Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, organic farmer, and blogger on all things sustainable. Her Vietnamese “Noodle” Salad with […]

Easy Dijon Chicken or Salmon

Eating well doesn’t have to take a lot of time, this Easy Dijon Chicken or Salmon recipe from David Ludwig’s new book, Always Delicious, is proof of that. You can […]