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Kerrie Richards

Kerrie Richards

This has changed my health so dramatically in such a short time


Seven years ago, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Since then, my blood sugars have fluctuated, but over the last three years, I have watched them gradually increase to unacceptable levels, no matter what I did with regard to food and exercise. If I could get my fasting blood glucose under 10, it was a good day – and this is with two types of medication.

Today, after being on the Eat Fat, Get Thin plan for three weeks, I had my lowest score in three years – 7.1, and still dropping by the day. I am so thankful! The blood work does not lie! I’m going for a medication review in three weeks and anticipate reducing the number of tablets I take.

UPDATE: This has changed my health so dramatically in such a short time, I would love to inspire others to give it a go. Yesterday afternoon, I tested my blood sugar levels on a whim (because I was feeling that “I need to eat” sensation), and the reading was 5.8! This is nothing short of a phenomenal drop. I will be ceasing some of my medications very soon; and if this continues, I hope to actually reverse all the symptoms of type 2 diabetes and get off medication altogether.


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