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Michael D

Weight Loss 15 lbs

My wife was amazed that her hip pain was gone after one week with no sugar!

I decided to do the Eat Fat, Get Thin 21-day challenge in January after reading Eat Fat, Get Thin and The Blood Sugar Solution. I spent the month of December getting the recommended supplements and locating the foods needed. When I realized there was an online challenge, I signed up and purchased the plus program and the prepackaged supplements were really handy to bring on vacation!Can’t remember the exact measurements, but I know I lost 15 pounds and was thrilled with that. My wife also did the challenge with me, and she lost 13 pounds. I am down on my insulin usage, which pleases me greatly. My wife was amazed that her hip pain was gone after one week with no sugar. (She admitted to overloading a bit, to finish her Christmas stocking candy before we started the diet!)

We have been very pleased with the diet and brought our frozen organic grass-fed meats with us on vacation and are planning on staying on the 21-day challenge until we lose all the excess! We did make fudge for Valentine’s but that will be our primary treat for the holiday. Thanks for an interesting program. We had pre-ordered the cookbook and have been using lots of the recipes.

Anyway, we have been pleased with the challenge and will enjoy the support as we get more into it!

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