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Watch the Stallman’s

The Stallman Family talks about their new lifestyle and losing over 100 pounds on the 10 Day Detox Diet.

Sharecare Expert Dr. Mark Hyman

Q&A, recipes and more from Dr. Mark Hyman on Sharecare

CBS Radio with Dr. Mark Hyman

Dr. Mark Hyman, MD joins “CBS News Radio” to discuss his new book

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Dr. Hyman Explains the Pegan Diet

Dr. Hyman talks to Dr. Oz about the health benefits of following a Pegan diet. Part 2: Dr. Hyman Explains the Pegan Diet Rules Part 3: Dr. Hyman Shares Meals From the […]

Dr. Hyman and Dr. Oz Discuss the MIND Diet

Dr. Hyman and Dr. Oz discuss the MIND diet and how it can cut your Alzheimer’s risk by 50%. Part 2: How Many Servings You Need of Each Food Group […]

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8 Strategies to Eliminate Psoriasis

“I have a terrible case of psoriasis,” writes this week’s House Call. “My doctor is recommending these horrible immune-suppressing drugs and steroids that cause cancer and other problems. What can […]


The Missing Link that Keeps You Lean ...

“I have friends who are not so healthy and are always trying to convince me that it’s okay to indulge in chocolate cake or soda or whatever,” writes this week’s […]


7 Strategies to Eliminate Eczema

“I’ve got a terrible case of eczema. I itch all the time,” writes this week’s House Call. “Is there anything I can do besides taking topical steroids to suppress my […]


9 Strategies for Glowing, Vibrant Ski...

“How can I maintain healthy skin without spending a fortune on cleansers and other products?” asks my reader in this week’s House Call. This is a great question, so I […]


10 Simple Strategies to Eliminate Acn...

“I still have acne even though I’m an adult,” writes this week’s House Call contributor. “Do I need to take antibiotics and put all these drugs on my face? Is […]

Flu Season

Should I Get the Flu Shot?

While we are all trying to enjoy the change of seasons and soak up the beauty of fall, one question persists among the masses.  Should I get the flu shot? […]

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Rosemary Almond Flour Crackers

Hi everyone! For the month of December, I’m going to be featuring a few of my favorite recipes from different recipe blogs that my team and I love. I’m excited […]


Parsnip-Apple Purée

Our friends over at Thrive Market have come up with The Ultimate Paleo Friendly Thanksgiving Menu, and it looks delicious! We loved this menu so much, that we wanted to […]


Spicy Veggie Scramble

This is truly breakfast made easy and delicious. Eggs are the best way to start your day because they’re filled with protein and healthy fat; the perfect combo for your […]


Baked Fish with Steamed Butternut Squ...

Wild fatty fish plus butternut squash? Yes, please! On top of being an incredibly delicious recipe, this baked fish with steamed butternut squash is so good for you. Butternut squash […]


Blueberry-Walnut Pancakes

Sometimes I miss seeing a stack of pancakes on the brunch table, but now I don’t have to. These grain-free, sugar-free, dairy-free pancakes are the perfect guilt-free treat for breakfast […]


Seafood Stew

This warm, delicious stew is the perfect fall meal to serve for dinner and save for lunch the next day. It’s flavorful, and rich in healthy fats and veggies. You’re […]

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