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Upcoming Live Appearances


May 26 to 29 – Dr. Hyman will be heading to Greece to participate in A-Fest:  Bio-Hacking, Body & Brain, on Mykanos.  You can learn more about this unforgettable four-day experience by checking out their website and contacting them to learn how to apply to attend this invite-only event!

June 4 to 5 – Superhero You! Los Angeles, CA – Dr. Hyman joins Jim Kwik at his two-day event that Forbes calls “…a conference that shows us how to optimize brain performance, mental math, rapid recall, that heightens problem-solving, elevates creativity, enhances flow, increases innovation and more.” Dr. Hyman will present on Sunday morning – click here to get invited and learn more!

June 6 – Join Dr. Hyman at the Institute for Functional Medicine’s Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice conference in Austin, Texas. Dr. Hyman will open the conference with Introduction to Functional Medicine: Redefining Disease Applied Systems Medicine – Click here to learn more and register.

July 1 to 3  – Dr. Hyman joins David Perlmutter, Dale Bredesen and many more in presenting Hope for Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease – a weekend workshop at Omega Institute.  Join this amazing group of practitioners where they will present life-changing research, share case studies, and explain how you can use this information for yourself, your loved ones, or your patients.  Click here to learn more and register.

September 18 – Dr. Hyman heads to Baltimore to kick off the Institute for Functional Medicine’s Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice conference in Baltimore, Maryland.  Dr. Hyman will present Introduction to Functional Medicine: Redefining Disease Applied Systems Medicine.  Click here to learn more and register.

October 22 to 23 – Dr. Hyman joins long-time colleague and friend, Dr. Jeffrey Bland, for Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute’s 2016 Thought Leaders Consortium in Chandler, Arizona.  Dr. Hyman will present on Sunday, October 23rd on the topic of The Application of Functional Medicine in a Large Medical System.  Click here to learn more about this event and register. 


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May 25 – The Dr. Oz Show – watch Dr. Oz and Dr. Hyman uncover “The Truth About Vegetable Oil” – click here to check local listings.

June 9 – 8pm to 10pm – WVIZ PBS in Cleveland (Ohio).  Tune in to watch Dr. Hyman’s television special based on his latest book Eat Fat, Get Thin.  He will be live in studio, speaking with a local host about separating fat from fiction and raising much needed funds to keep the station going! Please watch and support if you can!  Click here for updated programming information.

July 21 – The Dr. Oz Show – watch Dr. Oz and Dr. Hyman discuss Fatty Liver Disease and find out if you are at risk – click here to check local listings

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Past appearances – 2016

January 29 at 1:15 pm – Keynote presentation at the 13th Annual Natural Supplements: An Evidence Based Update presented by Scripps Health in San Diego, CA.

January 30 to February 6 – Dr. Hyman will be teaching at Blue Spirit’s Winter Program in Nosara, Costa Rica.  Join him as he guides you through The Path to Wellness.  Click here to learn more and for reservations.

February 23 SAVE THE DATE!  Dr. Hyman will be throwing a book party in honor of his latest book Eat Fat, Get Thin (Little Brown, February 2016). Event will be in New York City – check back for details!

February 24 to February 27 – Dr. Hyman will be attending and presenting at the Integrative Healthcare Symposium in New York City.  On Thursday (2/25), he will participate in a panel with fellow Cleveland Clinic practitioners and on Friday (2/26) he will present his keynote address on The Slippery Science of Fat.  Click here for more information and to register.

April 8 to 10 –  Dr. Hyman will present his weekend workshop at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in Stockbride, MA.  Join him for The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet workshop, along with an evening lecture on Saturday night on his latest bestseller – Eat Fat, Get Thin.  Click here to learn more and reserve your spot in this program at Kripalu!

April 18 – Dr. Hyman presents Eat Fat, Get Thin: Sustained Weight Loss and Vibrant Health with Nutrigenomics – a lecture and book signing event in association with the New York Open Center beginning at 7:00 PM in New York City – Ticket price includes a copy of Dr. Hyman’s latest bestseller Eat Fat, Get Thin. Click here to learn more and register for this event.

May 12 to 14 – Dr. Hyman will present various talks at the Institute for Functional Medicine’s Annual International Conference in San Diego, CA. To check out the schedule and register for this amazing conference, click here.

May 16 – Dr. Hyman will join the Cleveland Clinic at their 7th Annual Patient Experience: Empathy + Innovation Summit in Cleveland, to present his lecture If We Can’t Cure the Patient, Can the Community?  Lecture will take place at the Cleveland Convention Center and is scheduled to take place on Monday from 10:40 AM to 11:15 AM.  Click here for more info and to register.