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I focus a lot on the importance of diet and exercise when it comes to health and longevity, but daily habits like good sleep hygiene, healthy stress management, living out of a sense of purpose, prioritizing self-care, and community involvement are just as important. This is because your health and longevity are determined by your individual exposome washing over your genes. In other words, your genes are not your destiny. They load the gun, but your environment pulls the trigger. And this is good news!

In today’s episode of my series I’m calling Health Bites, I dive into the importance of sleep, stress management, self-care, community, purpose, and spirit and how to prioritize these things in your life. What I’ve discovered has blown my mind and changed the way I approach my own health and the health of my patients. I’ve compiled it all into a new book called Young Forever, which comes out on February 21, 2023. Learn more and preorder the book at


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Narrator: Coming up on this episode of the Doctor's Farmacy. Dr. Mark Hyman: Your thoughts, your feelings, your beliefs, everything that happens, your grief, joy, sadness, anger, they're all translated into biological signals that change your gene expression, impact your immune system, hormones, microbiome, brain chemistry, pretty much everything. Welcome to Doctor's Farmacy. I'm Dr. Mark Hyman. That's pharmacy with an F, a place for conversations that matter. If you want to learn how to live a long, healthy life, listen up because I'm going to talk about something that I love, which is a science of longevity, and my new book, Young Forever in today's Health Bite, which is little bites of health information that can help you live better and longer by taking small steps every day. So..

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Ep. 677 - Practices To Stay Young Forever