• Imbalance in the Body's System

    All disease is fundamentally fueled by an imbalance in the system of the body, driven by either too little of key ingredients for health (nutrients, sleep, exercise, etc.) or too much of the impediments to health (toxins, chemicals, stress, etc).

  • Continuum of Health and Illness

    Health and illness states are two ends of a continuum; chronic disease does not often just “develop”, rather it is usually preceded by a period of declining function in one or more of the body’s core biological systems.

  • Identifying and Improving Dysfunctions

    Re-establishing health, requires identifying and then improving the specific dysfunctions that have contributed to the disease state. It depends on a personalized approach to removing the impediments to health and adding in the ingredients for health.

FFunctional Medicine is primarily a process, a way of thinking about disease, not a tool. It is modality-agnostic. The focus is on the right “medicine” for the problem, both for diagnosis and treatment. It may include the use of lifestyle, food as medicine, supplements, medications, surgery or other procedures that address the root causes and are designed to optimize health.

At the UltraWellness Center, we integrated approach to complex chronic illness recovery, illness prevention and health optimization that may include nutrition, diet, and exercise; use of the latest laboratory testing and other diagnostic techniques; and prescribed combinations of drugs and/or botanical medicines, supplements, therapeutic diets, detoxification programs, regenerative or innovative therapies, and stress-management techniques.

We are a specialty practice that focuses on treating complex chronic illness and optimizing and establishing foundational health. To best support your needs, we require that patients have a Primary Care Physician (PCP) for emergency or acute care services.

Tailored Wellness, Expertly Guided

For over 20 years, the UltraWellness Center has been practicing the art and science of Functional Medicine. Our skilled interdisciplinary team of MDs, physician assistants, nutritionists, and nurses specialize in addressing the root causes of disease. They use a systems-oriented approach that focuses on engaging both patient and practitioner in the therapeutic relationship. It is an evolution in the practice of medicine that better addresses the healthcare needs of the 21st century.


Comprehensive assessment and diagnosis


Thorough Medical History

We work closely with you to understand YOU, by gathering a detailed medical history, including historical lifestyle behaviors, environmental factors, symptom and family history, including and assessing your goals, ailments, prior lab testing, beliefs, nutritional, and current lifestyle habits. These help us act as a detective, allowing us identify where to begin and how to create an effective and bespoke treatment plan, personalized to your unique needs.

Diagnostic Testing

Appropriate testing will be recommended to uncover hidden issues such as nutrient deficiencies, genetic predispositions, toxic burden, hormonal imbalances, digestive interferences, mitochondrial dysfunction, food sensitivities, and more. Experience the convenience of in-house lab testing at our innovative Functional Medicine lab with an experienced lab team. For tests that are done at home, the team walks you through step-by-step instructions.


Treatment plan and continuous monitoring


Creating A Lifestyle Plan

After meeting with a Functional Medicine physician, you will meet with a Functional Medicine nutritionist either in person or virtually. These nutritionists combine the practice of “food as medicine” to create an individualized meal plan, and a multimodal treatment plan, encompassing a fitness and lifestyle plan that supports your unique needs.

Continued Care and Follow-Up

You will meet with a nurse to review the treatment plan and receive support where needed. Upon receiving test results, you will follow-up with your physician and nutritionist to review these results and discuss further individualization of your treatment plan. From there, continued follow-up is determined based on your situation.

Frequently asked questions

What type of care does UWC provide?

UWC provides supplemental/tertiary care. We require patients to have a Primary Care Physician (PCP) as we do not offer emergency or acute care services.

Is UWC Concierge Medicine?

No, we are not Concierge Medicine. We are a medical clinic that focuses on the importance of individualized care.

What is UWC’s approach to health?

Our path to health is a blend of conventional and functional medicine, focusing on the body as a whole and how each system impacts the next.

Are UWC providers specialists in specific medical fields?

We are not specialists in the sense of being specialized in areas like cancer, endocrine, gastroenterology, etc. We do not view the body's systems as separate entities.

What kind of nutritional support does UWC offer?

We offer nutritional support for current issues addressed by our providers. Our approach is nutrition-forward with supplementation as needed to achieve a healthy harmony of all systems. Significant lifestyle changes may be required, and it takes a lot of work on the patient's end.

How should I use Dr. Hyman's podcast?

Dr. Hyman’s podcast provides a general summary of health issues but is not prescriptive for individual care. His general recommendations are not equivalent to the unique and individualized care provided at UWC.

Is UWC affiliated with Function Health?

No, we are not a follow-up to Function Health. They are an independent company. If Function Health members want their labs reviewed by a UWC clinician, they must join UWC as new patients.

Can UWC recommend local Functional Medicine practitioners?

We are not a referral source and, unfortunately, cannot make recommendations for local Functional Medicine practitioners in your area.

Can UWC connect me directly with Dr. Hyman?

No, we do not offer a direct line of communication with Dr. Hyman and cannot connect you with him directly.

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