How To Have Boundless Energy

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Energy is such a major piece to overall wellness—we don’t feel very motivated to practice self-care and pursue the things we love if we simply don’t have the energy. So what does it really look like to have great energy, and what can we do in our own lives to create more of it? Today’s guest on The Doctor’s Farmacy is the perfect person to answer that, Ben Greenfield. Ben's latest book, Boundless, is all about creating more energy to live the life of optimal health and happiness you deserve. This can happen through many different types of actions, so today Ben walks us through his extensive research and personal experience. Movement is one of the most important aspects of aging well and staying fit. And the more active we are, the more energy we seem to have. Ben and I talk about incorporating “movement snack breaks” into your daily routine and why even small functional activities throughout the day can be more beneficial than those soul-crushing early morning workouts. We then get into the topic of hormesis, which is essentially introducing micro-stress to activate healing. I’m not talking about stress from work or finances, I’m talking about that burn you get from a good workout or the stress a plant goes through when it has to survive in a difficult environment. In the case of plants, this actually makes them stronger and richer in phytochemicals that are good for us; Ben and I talk about reaping these benefits through wild foods and he shares his favorite pesto recipe using wild greens. Ben and I also discuss what supplements are actually proven to help with cellular energy production, how to find the right diet for your body, the concept of sirtuins and aging, and so much more. I hope you’ll tune in. Get Ben’s book, Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body and Defy Aging at *For context, this episode was recorded in January 2020. This episode is sponsored by Joovv and Athletic Greens. I recently discovered Joovv, a red light therapy device. Red light therapy is a super gentle non-invasive treatment where a device with medical-grade LEDs delivers concentrated light to your skin. It actually helps your cells produce collagen so it improves skin tone and complexion, diminishes signs of aging like wrinkles, and speeds the healing of wounds and scars. Check out the Joovv products at and use the code FARMACY at checkout. I use Athletic Greens in the morning as part of my daily routine. It’s really one supplement that covers so many bases and you’d be hard-pressed to find something else this comprehensive in one place. Right now Athletic Greens is offering my audience their Vitamin D3/K2 Liquid Formula free with your first purchase. Just go to to get your free bottle of Vitamin D3 and K2 with your first purchase.

Topics Covered

  • Ben’s new book and why he chose to focus on how to have a boundless amount of energy throughout the day

    (2:30 - 6:33)

  • Why doing Turkish Get-Up kettlebell exercises is one of Ben’s favorite workouts

    (6:18 - 10:21)

  • Traditional gym culture vs taking “movement snacks” throughout the day

    (10:37 - 14:40)

  • Using light therapy to reduce wrinkles, care for your skin, create energy, and more

    (13:10 - 17:13)

  • The benefits of creating a bit of stress to the system to activate a healing response, such as employing hot/cold routines and sauna

    (17:30 - 21:33)

  • Why the Carnivore and Paleo Diets were developed in response to plant’s built-in defense mechanisms

    (23:06 - 25:53)

  • Anti-aging, NAD, sirtuin activating compounds, and sirtuin activating foods

    (26:54 - 29:41)

  • Assessing what the best diet is for you, fasting, the pitfalls of eating while stressed, and why we should all avoid late night eating

    (43:25 - 46:12)

  • Eating meat, MmTOR activation, and how to avoid high amounts of leucine and methionine

    (51:59 - 54:46)

  • Methods for optimal sleep

    (56:14 - 59:01)

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Ep. 106 - How To Have Boundless Energy