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Do You Have To Eat A Ketogenic Diet All Of The Time To Get Its Benefits?



The ketogenic diet has gained a lot of popularity in the past couple of years. If you’re not quite sure what it is, why it could be beneficial, or you’re well-acquainted with it and just want to learn more, this episode is for you. The ketogenic diet, or keto as it’s called, is a high-fat low carbohydrate diet. While some people take this to mean loads of conventionally raised meat and dairy, the true (and beneficial version) means lots of beneficial fats from things like avocados, nuts and seeds, and coconut; high-quality protein from clean sources like grass-fed meat and pasture-raised eggs; and plenty of non-starchy vegetables. To hash out more of the details about keto and how it can support good health, I was excited to talk with my friend and one of the leading voices in the Paleo/Primal and keto movements, Mark Sisson. Mark and I kick off our conversation talking about his own experience tinkering with diet and lifestyle to achieve optimal health. As an endurance runner, he thought he was feeding his body right by carb-loading and leaning on whole grains; he realized fat was a missing piece and turned around some chronic health issues like IBS in the process. At 65, he looks like he’s in his 30’s, so I think we could all learn a thing or two from his journey. If you’re worried trying keto means never touching another carb, you’ll be relieved to hear otherwise. Mark talks about the important concept of metabolic flexibility and how when we focus on primarily burning fat the body can better handle the sugar from carbohydrates during those occasions. We also debunk that myth that you can eat as many calories as you’d like when you go keto, and why you wouldn’t want to anyway. Being in our 60’s, Mark and I are both adamant about healthy aging. We discuss how keto can support that, why weightlifting and muscle mass are so essential for staying fit and strong as you age, and the benefits of balanced blood sugar for longevity. Keto or not, there’s so much great information about eating for optimal health in this episode. I hope you’ll tune in. Get Mark’s latest book Keto for Life at This episode is sponsored by Joovv, chili, and my Sleep Master Class. I recently discovered Joovv, a red light therapy device. Red light therapy is a super gentle non-invasive treatment where a device with medical-grade LEDs delivers concentrated light to your skin. It actually helps your cells produce collagen so it improves skin tone and complexion, diminishes signs of aging like wrinkles, and speeds the healing of wounds and scars. Check out the Joovv products at and use the code FARMACY at checkout. One of the easiest and most effective ways to get better sleep every single night is through temperature regulation, which is why I was so relieved to discover the transformative products from Chili. The chiliPAD and OOLER system are two really cool gadgets that fit over the top of your mattress and use water to control the temperature of your bed—which helps lower your internal temperature and trigger deep relaxing sleep. Right now chili is offering my audience a really great deal. Get 25% off the chiliPAD with code hyman25 or 15% off OOLER with code hyman15, just go to In this modern world we place too much value on staying busy and deprioritizing sleep, which is why I have created my first ever Master Class. It guides you through the most important steps to getting better sleep, starting today. To learn more about the Sleep Master Class, head over to Sign-up today to watch the first three lessons for free.

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