Do We Really Want To Get Back To Normal?

Episode 121 55m
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“I can’t breathe” has become a powerful phrase to symbolize the problem of systemic racism and unchecked prejudiced violence in our country. It’s also a powerful metaphor for the weight of how people feel when it comes to the social, economic, and healthcare inequalities that continue to thrive. And in the age of COVID-19, we keep hearing people say they can’t wait to get back to normal. But if this is what normal has looked like, do we really want it? It’s time for us to get more involved than ever before to create a new normal that includes social justice, civil rights, and compassion.

On this episode of The Doctor’s Farmacy, I talked with John Grossenbacher about how to begin this reimagining of America and so much more. John and I get into the episode by taking a look at the societal system failures that are happening simultaneously throughout the US, which have led us to the devastating problems we’re facing today.

We talk about what saving the idea of America might look like, including changing the monopolization of wealth and industry to turn economic interests towards things like education, infrastructure, and savings. We also get into the topic of our broken food system and how it relates to everything else, including the obesity epidemic which is greatly impacting the health of our military. John shares some ideas on how to truly create policy change from the inside out if we want food and healthcare that promote creating health instead of just treating disease.

John and I also talk about managing the coronavirus pandemic with competence and compassion, and so much more, in this episode. I hope you’ll tune in.

Topics Covered

  • Saving the idea of America

    (3:05 - 3:08)

  • Monopolization of wealth and industry in America

    (5:26 - 5:29)

  • Managing our way out of the coronavirus pandemic with competence and compassion

    (8:34 - 8:37)

  • Reforming America’s broken systems

    (12:23 - 12:26)

  • The mythology of America and the American dream

    (16:25 - 16:28)

  • Creating a culture of values

    (22:52 - 22:55)

  • The impact of technology on our lives

    (25:36 - 25:39)

  • Do we really want to get back to normal?

    (28:45 - 28:48)

  • Reforming the food system and why you can’t separate the food system from politics

    (32:10 - 32:13)

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Ep. 121 - Do We Really Want To Get Back To Normal?