How To Activate Nature’s Healing Potential

Episode 138 1h 5m
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The microbiome has now come to be seen as the foundation for our overall health. The gut microbiome contributes to our digestive, immune, and emotional health, so it plays a vital role in overall well-being. Soil, like our gut, has its own microbiome, which supports the health of the plants growing in it. And just as our consumption of highly processed foods and overuse of antibiotics have destroyed key microbes in the human gut, we have also carelessly damaged the soil microbiome through overuse of chemical herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers and fungicides, heavy plowing and tillage, and the failure to add organic matter back into the soil. On this episode of The Doctor’s Farmacy, I was happy to sit down and talk with Dr. Zach Bush about why the health of our soil microbiome is the single most potent factor determining how healthy—or unhealthy—we are. We discuss why we need to acknowledge soil as a major influence on the food system and our health, and most importantly what we can do to change soil composition for the better. Dr. Zach and I discuss the relationship between intensive farming practices and the rise of environmental degradation and chronic disease, and the steps we can take now to move from chemical farming toward regenerative agriculture, and from a culture of dis-ease toward one of healing. We also discuss the challenging problem of glyphosate, and why Dr. Zach views it as ground zero of the chronic disease epidemic of the last few decades. Dr. Zach explains that there is an epidemic of autoimmune and neurological disorders that can be attributed to glyphosate. Research conducted on mice shows cumulative epigenetic effects from glyphosate. When a first-generation is exposed to Roundup (the glyphosate-based herbicide), disorders, immune dysfunction, and a shortened lifespan can be found in the second generation, even without direct exposure. The third generation of mice in the study experienced cancers and stillbirths, again without direct exposure. Chronic diseases in children have been increasing exponentially in our population, and Dr. Zach expects that trend to continue according to the models developed from this research, which is why he’s working to create a new paradigm of health based on nature’s guidance. Soil health is arguably the most important element impacting our health, the health of future generations, and the health of this planet we call home. This episode is brought to you by Joovv and ButcherBox. Ever since I’ve been using Joovv’s at-home red-light therapy devices, I’ve noticed I get deeper, more restful sleep and I feel more energized and focused during the day. Go to and use the code FARMACY for an exclusive discount on Joovv’s newest devices. For a limited time, ButcherBox is offering new members two lobster tails and two filet mignons for free when you sign up for ButcherBox by going to

Topics Covered

  • The pivotal moment in which Zach came to understand that we need to work with nature to create health


  • Zach’s post-academia journey to connect the dots between the microbiome, nutrition, and soil


  • How Zach’s chemotherapy research led to his understanding of how nutrition, the microbiome, and soil are interconnected


  • Uncovering soil’s medicinal qualities


  • What research on the gut lining, and the rise of glyphosate (Round-Up) use, illustrated about the link between soil science and human health


  • The depletion of 97% of our soil and its impact on human health


  • Regulatory resistance to looking at the scientific demonstration of the harmful effects of glyphosate (Round-Up)


  • Engineering the future that we want by catalyzing exponential rates of transformation


  • Surrendering to nature’s healing principles


  • Zach’s work with the nonprofit coalition, Farmer’s Footprint


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Ep. 138 - How To Activate Nature’s Healing Potential