How To Be A Food Activist In Your Own Kitchen

Episode 140 1h 9m


We live in a world where our food is making us sick, tired, and overweight. Big Food brands design their packaged products to be addictive, so we over consume unhealthy ingredients, including cheap additives that are banned in other countries. Product labels are deceiving, hiding risky chemicals that contaminate our food and tout approval from organizations we’re led to believe are protecting our health, but in reality are doing anything but that.

On this episode of The Doctor’s Farmacy, I was so happy to talk to Vani Hari about how Big Food manipulates nutrition research, purposely makes their food addictive, and how we can regenerate our health by getting in the kitchen.

There are over 3,000 food additives in our food supply, many of which have not been tested for safety, and the average American consumes three to five pounds of these chemicals a year. Vani shares tactics used by the food industry, scientists, and the media to disguise the unnecessary harms in our food supply.

Vani and I also discuss the many food companies selling similar products overseas with healthier ingredients. The UK enjoys some of the same products we do, but with totally different ingredient lists. We talk about why the food industry doesn’t remove these ingredients from their American products, and what ingredients are banned in Europe but sold in the US.

Vani shares her advice for reading food labels, including the top things we need to look out for, why we need to be wary of fortification, and what it means when a product includes “natural flavors.”

We also talk about what cooking oils are the healthiest to use, what we should be looking for when buying pasta, and Vani’s special “sweet blend” that she uses to make the Forever Cookies featured in her new cookbook, Food Babe Kitchen. Vani also shares why she hasn’t used a microwave in over a decade, her favorite way to heat up leftovers and frozen food, and much more.


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Topics Covered

  • Vani’s personal health journey that led her to food activism

    (5:55 - 9:28)

  • The prevalence of harmful food additives and chemicals in our food supply

    (13:57 - 17:30)

  • The myth government regulation and supervision of our food

    (16:08 - 19:41)

  • The importance of reading food labels and ingredient lists on our food

    (20:39 - 24:12)

  • The food industry’s funding of so-called independent groups

    (22:15 - 26:24)

  • Three question to train your mind to eat real food

    (30:49 - 34:58)

  • Why “natural flavors” should be avoided at all costs

    (33:02 - 37:11)

  • How government programs help drive food industry profit over protecting our health

    (37:09 - 41:18)

  • The best and worst cooking oils

    (42:12 - 46:21)

  • Vani’s “sweet blend,” sugar alternative

    (50:17 - 54:26)

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Ep. 140 - How To Be A Food Activist In Your Own Kitchen