How To Eat Smarter

Episode 151 49m


Our bodies are built and maintained by our food choices; we literally are what we eat. Unfortunately, that means the majority of our country is made of ultra-processed food-like substances that create disease. The good news, though, is that small dietary changes can have huge payoffs in a short amount of time.

My guest on today’s episode of The Doctor’s Farmacy has experienced the dramatic impacts of using food as medicine firsthand. At just 15, he broke his hip simply from running because his bones were so brittle from a diet void of nutrients. At 20, he was diagnosed with degenerative bone and disk disease. After just 9 months of revamping his diet to focus on whole foods, that diagnosis was completely reversed. Shawn Stevenson is here today to tell us how food affects our bodies on the deepest level and how we can eat smarter.

Shawn and I explore what mechanisms are at work when our bodies process food. You might be surprised to learn how important the liver is for our metabolic health; Shawn explains how it regulates the endocrine system and why non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is on the rise in our country due to the overconsumption of sugar and starch.

We also get into the history of calorie counting, food morality, and the association of hunger and weight loss. We discuss the misinformation around weight and diet and how a fresh perspective on food quality is what our bodies need to function optimally and even heal from disease.

Food truly is the best medicine. I hope you’ll tune in to learn more.


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Topics Covered

  • Shawn’s personal health journey and the physical injury that led him to understand the healing power of food

    (2:48 - 7:28)

  • The link between our societal issues, our diet, and the obesity epidemic

    (9:06 - 13:46)

  • How blood sugar swings impact our ability to resolve conflict

    (10:15 - 14:55)

  • The relationship between nutritional deficiency and violent behavior in prison inmates

    (12:00 - 16:40)

  • Why calories in, calories out is not the key to weight loss

    (14:00 - 18:41)

  • How the gut microbiome is impacted by obesity and visa versa

    (24:14 - 27:33)

  • Inflammation, non-alcoholic fatty liver, and body composition

    (27:51 - 31:10)

  • Why being slightly overweight or obese makes you more at risk for negative effects from COVID-19 and how you can make quick changes to improve your health

    (31:46 - 35:05)

  • Hormone dysfunction, metabolism, and weight loss

    (34:01 - 37:20)

  • Why it’s no just what we eat but how we’re eating, and who we’re eating with

    (39:49 - 43:08)

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Ep. 151 - How To Eat Smarter