Is Climate Change Fixable? A Conversation With California’s EPA Secretary

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We’re divorced from nature and disconnected from wild places. I think this has really hurt us in multiple ways, some of which we are still figuring out, but especially in the way it’s allowed people to desecrate the land, air, and water we rely on for life. Yet people are so resistant to acknowledging climate change and what needs to be done. This could be because of the doom-and-gloom approach many folks take that can be outright depressing or the overwhelming amount of inputs that cause people to simply shut down. It might also just be hard to wrap our heads around how it’s possible to destroy something as vast as the ocean and sky. Today on The Doctor’s Farmacy, I’m hoping to provide you with a different perspective on climate change revolving around hope and positivity. Yes, we still have a long way to go, but we’re seeing some great initiatives and outcomes in places like California where the climate and environment are deemed worthy investments. My guest today is the perfect person to share about those projects, challenges, and victories. Jared Blumenfeld is California’s Secretary for Environmental Protection. Appointed by Governor Gavin Newsom in January, he is one of America’s most innovative environmental leaders, with more than 25 years of environmental policy and management experience at the local, national and international levels. Jared and I have an in-depth conversation about the actions California has taken to make it a worldwide example for environmental and climate causes. From regenerative farming to electric cars, composting, and renewable energy, we take a look at the many moving parts of a cleaner future and the work it will take on both political and individual levels. We don’t have to feel scared every time we talk about climate change. I hope you’ll tune in to get a fresh, positive perspective on the solutions. This episode is brought to you by BiOptimizers, Thrive Market, and Beekeepers Naturals. Right now, BiOptimizers is offering my community 10% off their CogniBiotics, a brain and mood-enhancing probiotic that contains specifically chosen strains with a high level of research supporting mental health and performance. Just go to and use code hyman10 at checkout. Thrive is offering all Doctor's Farmacy listeners an amazing deal. You will receive an extra 25% off your first purchase and a free gift when you sign up for Thrive Market. Just head over to Through the end of March, you can get a free three pack of Beekeepers Naturals B.LXR Brain Fuel when you visit You just pay $5 for shipping and if you don't love it they will refund your $5, no questions asked.

Topics Covered

  • How Jared became interested in environmental issues

    (3:10 - 7:22)

  • The detrimental effects of our disconnection from nature

    (6:29 - 10:41)

  • Simultaneously holding hope and grief around climate change

    (11:12 - 15:24)

  • The 50th anniversary of The Clean Air Act

    (17:00 - 21:12)

  • The importance of legal projections, political will, incentivizing good behavior, and punishing bad behavior

    (17:00 - 21:12)

  • The unequal effects of climate change

    (22:01 - 26:13)

  • Taking bold action to address climate change and decarbonizing our economy

    (27:05 - 31:37)

  • How soil can save the earth

    (36:26 - 40:58)

  • Supporting farmers through legislative incentives

    (41:22 - 45:54)

  • How to promote regenerative agricultural practices

    (50:05 - 54:37)

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Jared Blumenfeld: On the one hand, we've got planetary decline and the other we have incredible innovation and leadership and different thinking and many different ideas about where we can go. We have to grieve for what we've lost. If we're not grieving for the species that we're losing, if we're not grieving for the impact we're having on the planet, I don't think we can move forward. Dr. Mark Hyman: Welcome to The Doctor's Farmacy, that's Farmacy with an F, F-A-R-M-A-C-Y. A place for conversations that matter. If you care about the world we live in, if you care about the environment, if you care about how to fix the problems that are really facing our total global environment, including America, then this conversation is for you, because it's..

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Ep. 161 - Is Climate Change Fixable? A Conversation With California’s EPA Secretary