The Link Between Autoimmune Disease, Chronic Fatigue, And Hidden Infections

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Pandemic aside, we’re seeing a national immune crisis. Autoimmune conditions continue to rise to record numbers, not to mention all of the chronic mystery illnesses that so many people struggle with daily. I’ve experienced this firsthand, along with the corresponding frustration and fear. There is an intriguing hypothesis about these conditions that I get into with my guests, Dana Parish and Dr. Steven Phillips, today on The Doctor’s Farmacy: underlying infections.

Sneaky tick-borne diseases like Lyme, parasitic infections, and certain viruses can be extremely hard to diagnose. Meanwhile, they can contribute to an immune system collapse and other life-threatening breakdowns throughout the entire body. Dr. Phillips and Dana share their incredible stories of overcoming chronic stealth infections after numerous doctors couldn’t help them. Lyme was a common factor for both of them, while Dr. Phillips was also able to diagnose Bartonella in Dana.

At their worst, they both had extremely limited mobility and felt their lives were at risk. Dana shares that in addition to recovering her mobility and strength, treating these infections also had a profound impact on her mental health by reducing her anxiety and depression. Dr. Philips’ journey not only forced him to be his own detective to find healing, but also showed him how much discordance there is among conventional medicine in treating diseases like Lyme.

One of the trickiest things about these infections is that they often can’t be found through blood work and false negatives are common. Unfortunately, this outdated method is still most frequently used, leaving many people lost and without proper care. We also get into the topic of COVID, post-COVID syndrome, and how underlying infections tie in.

If you’ve ever felt like giving up on your quest for health answers, this is the episode for you. Dr. Phillips and Dana are proof that there is hope for even the most severe mystery illnesses.


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Topics Covered

  • How Dr. Phillips came to identify the pervasiveness of underlying infection driving autoimmune illness

    (3:25 - 7:39)

  • Dr. Phillips' personal life-threatening health crisis

    (4:40 - 8:54)

  • Lyme induced heart failure

    (9:47 - 14:01)

  • How a tick infection derailed Dana’s health in the prime of her life

    (14:10 - 18:24)

  • Testing for chronic tick, parasitic, and other latent infections

    (21:21 - 26:27)

  • Long-hauler Covid Syndrome (also called Long-Covid or Post-Covid)

    (23:50 - 28:56)

  • Out-of-the-box/under-the-radar treatment for chronic infection

    (32:00 - 37:06)

  • Infection induced mental health issues and the importance of advocating for your own health

    (33:38 - 38:44)

  • How conventional medicine often lacks a framework to uncover the root cause of illness

    (37:14 - 42:20)

  • Advice for individuals struggling to get answers for your mysterious symptoms

    (38:43 - 43:49)

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Dana Parish: And I think a lot of people suffer from anxiety and depression, along with their "autoimmune diseases" and people tell them, "Well, you're anxious because you have fibromyalgia or because you have RA." No, you're not anxious because you have those things necessarily. I mean, yes, they suck, it's depressing, but there's a brain component here. There's a neurologic component. Dr. Mark Hyman: Welcome to The Doctor's Farmacy. I'm Dr. Mark Hyman. And that's Farmacy with an F, F-A-R-M-A-C-Y, a place for conversations that matter. If you've ever been chronically sick and struggled to find the answers, you should listen up because this conversation is going to matter to you, because it's about something that's pretty prevalent and mostly ignored or overlooked by traditional medicine, which are chronic..

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Ep. 169 - The Link Between Autoimmune Disease, Chronic Fatigue, And Hidden Infections