A Personal Conversation with Dr. Oz

Episode 18 32m


Creating a movement often means meeting resistance, and it also means persisting. My guest on this week’s episode of The Doctor’s Farmacy, Dr. Oz, has changed the way that we approach our health, and he’s made wellness more accessible than ever. What most people don’t know about Dr. Oz is that he is a practicing physician. He still shows up to a hospital every week to do a job in addition to running his show, fighting for internet transparency, and running his nonprofit, HealthCorps.

On this episode, Dr. Oz sets the record straight on his name and brand. Although many people believe that Dr. Oz is selling supplements, skincare items, and more, you might be surprised to learn that Dr. Oz doesn’t actually have his name attached to any products. So why has his name become synonymous with advertising?

Because of internet marketing laws. Dr. Oz explains how the lack of transparency around internet marketing has made it easy for people to use his name without his consent. I’ve had a small taste of this myself in the past. In this episode, Dr. Oz also talks about his work with HealthCorps and their mission to change the lives of teens across America through in-school mentorship programs and much more. And finally, we talk about Dr. Oz’s daily routine to manage his energy including prioritizing sleep (including naps!), and the importance of kindness, consciousness, service, and family. You won’t want to miss this intimate conversation with America’s teacher.

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Ep. 18 - A Personal Conversation with Dr. Oz