Four Questions To Free You From Suffering

Episode 181 1h 20m


Suffering is part of the human condition. We create our own stories and believe them, however painful and untrue they may be. But it doesn’t have to be this way! We can find freedom from emotional, mental, and physical pain when we take the time to be quiet and ask some simple yet life-changing questions.

I studied Buddhism for a long time and have always been interested in self-exploration. My guest on today’s episode, Byron Katie, has created a powerful shortcut for unpacking and slowing down the mental processes that cause suffering, and her work has been one of my greatest tools for personal inquisition and growth.

I truly believe Byron’s work is a gift to humanity. Every one of us has had negative thoughts about ourselves and our lives that stem from an assumption. We had a weird interaction with someone. We didn’t get what we wanted. We are overwhelmed and stressed. We take on these things internally, let them dictate our worth, and live in pain. Byron explains what it means to do The Work and how asking ourselves four questions can profoundly shift our inner dialogue.

Waking up to what is real and what is not is the ultimate freedom. It means feeling content, enjoying the present, and living an empowered life. Doing The Work is all about embracing your true nature. Byron and I talk about breaking the cycle of suffering using some of her free worksheets—you can start changing your life today.

We also talk about the ego, the interplay of victimization and guilt, and how to approach the need to always be right. I’m so grateful to talk to Byron and share her wisdom with you in this episode.


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Topics Covered

  • Byron’s instantaneous insight into how to end suffering


  • The power of questioning what we’re thinking or believing about any given situation using Byron’s method, The Work


  • Why guilt drives addiction and is born of a victim mindset


  • Asking the question, “Is it true?” as the gateway to free ourselves of suffering


  • How to do The Work


  • Creating peace, sanity, and physical healing in our lives by questioning the ego


  • Using The Work to address fear of the future


  • Sourcing our own happiness by living in the present moment and waking up to our true nature


  • Loving where you are frees you of judgement and comparison


  • How we miss our lives when we live in the past and future


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Ep. 181 - Four Questions To Free You From Suffering