Disruptive Solutions to Our Health Care Challenges

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My guest on this week’s episode of The Doctor’s Farmacy is a tireless advocate for expanding access to early childhood education, improving the health and well-being of Americans across the country, and providing the next generation of young leaders with the resources they need to turn their ideas into action. She also ensures that the empowerment of girls and women is a cross-cutting priority across all of her platforms. Her name is Chelsea Clinton.

I was so honored to sit down with Chelsea recently and talk about her initiatives. As vice chair of the Clinton Foundation, Chelsea works alongside the Foundation’s leadership and partners to help create greater opportunities for people to build better futures for themselves, their families, and their communities. Their projects include the Alliance for a Healthier Generation which was co-created with the American Heart Association. For more than a decade, Healthier Generation has been empowering kids to develop lifelong healthy habits by ensuring the environments that surround them provide and promote good health.

In this episode, Chelsea gets personal about her motivation around the desire to learn about health and health policy. When her father suffered from a heart event, she made it her mission to learn more about heart health and create awareness for what it takes to address the leading cause of death around the world. Chelsea also discusses the impact that community has on individual health.

In 2010 she introduced me to a book by a man named Paul Farmer, who successfully tackled the worst diseases in the worst places on the planet by rebuilding community and connection. This book and our work with Paul led me to come up with key concepts of my book The Daniel Plan.

We also talk about Chelsea’s work to incorporate healthy lifestyles into American schools. One of her initiatives, America’s Healthiest Schools, through the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, features the 461 healthiest schools in America—81 percent of which serve high-need populations—from 26 states and the District of Columbia who have met a rigorous set of criteria for serving healthier meals and snacks, getting students moving more, offering high-quality health and physical education, and empowering school leaders to be healthy role models. We also dive into women’s health, climate change, and much much more.

You won’t want to miss this powerful episode of The Doctor’s Farmacy.

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Ep. 19 - Disruptive Solutions to Our Health Care Challenges