Is Bone Broth Worth the Hype?

Episode 24 50m


Food should taste good, smell good, look good, and it should be good for you. That’s what this week’s episode of The Doctor’s Farmacy is all about.

As a chef, restaurateur, and cookbook author, Marco Canora promotes delicious, simple, and healthful food. His restaurant Hearth is one of my favorites in NYC and has earned positive reviews from The New York Times as well as a prestigious “Outstanding Restaurant” nomination from the James Beard Foundation. In 2017, Marco won the James Beard Foundation award for Best Chef NYC. Marco has caught my attention for so many reasons, and one of them being his to-go windows, Brodo, serving coffee cups of hot, nourishing bone broths. Bone broth is one of my favorite healing foods, known to be beneficial for the gut, joints, skin, and so much more, and Marco’s bone broth is out of this world.

In this interview, we talk about the benefits of bone broth, and we also talk about Marco’s mission. In his restaurants, good fats are celebrated, whole animals are appreciated, and vegetables are crowned supreme. Marco says, “we do more than satiate with signature dishes—we make you a part of our family. To foster family means to nurture, and at our dinner table every dish is a seed for growth.” Speaking of community, we also talk about the importance of engagement at the dinner table. How often have you gone to a restaurant and looked around seeing entire families trapped by their cell phones? I see it all of the time, and it breaks my heart.

At Hearth, Marco encourages community and engagement at the table in a very interesting way. We also discuss food waste which is a huge challenge in the food industry and what Marco is doing to reduce food waste, as well as support local businesses. Marco’s commitment to sustainability and his mission to not only delight his customer’s taste buds but to also nourish their bodies is inspirational.

I hope you enjoy this conversation with my friend, Chef Marco Canora, as much as I did.

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Ep. 24 - Is Bone Broth Worth the Hype?