Innovative Treatments for Chronic Disease Not Available in the US

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Many of you who have been following my journey know that last year I got pretty sick. A perfect storm of mold toxicity, babesia, and a few other insults came together, leaving me in bed for about five months. As part of my treatment plan, I decided to go to Sanoviv, a state-of-the-art, fully-licensed hospital that offers a unique blend of conventional, alternative, and integrative programs to help maintain good health and treat a wide range of diseases.

Over the years when I had a patient who was going through complicated issues that weren’t resolved completely through my own approach, I would recommend they go to Sanoviv, and they often came back feeling better than ever. When I couldn’t get to the root of my own issue, I knew it was time for me to visit the folks at Sanoviv.

This week I’m excited to share with you a special episode of The Doctor’s Farmacy, where I interviewed Dr. Isaac Meza, the Chief of Medical Staff at Sanoviv. Dr. Meza played an integral part in my treatment protocol. He is trained extensively in many areas of integrative medicine, including natural approaches to the treatment of cancer and other chronic illnesses. Dr. Meza has been a certified IFM practitioner since 2007.

In this episode, Dr. Meza explains the innovative therapies that they use at Sanoviv, and how they look beyond the symptoms of a patient to deal with the root cause of their illness.

The approach at Sanoviv is revolutionary. They combine a mind-body-spirit approach to dig deep into dis-ease and treat it. When patients come to Sanoviv they are given personalized protocol to detox not only their physical bodies, but they also address toxic emotions. While there is a high price for these treatments, when quality of life is severely compromised due to poor health, it can be important to do a cost benefit in terms of one’s ability to participate in life.

When I arrived at the facilities, I was surprised at how relaxed I felt. This is usually the opposite of a hospital experience, and more importantly, the physicians at Sanoviv empower their patients to take their experience home with them so that they continue their healing protocol beyond the facilities. I truly believe that the approach at Sanoviv is the future of medicine.

Find out more about this revolutionary approach in this week’s episode. Thanks for tuning in.

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Ep. 31 - Innovative Treatments for Chronic Disease Not Available in the US