The Key To Healing Long-COVID With Functional Medicine

Episode 442 1h 27m


The amount of information we hear about COVID on a daily basis can be pretty overwhelming. I feel that this episode of The Doctor’s Farmacy is one of the most important ones I’ve done on this topic because it’s an incredible resource for understanding how to prevent and treat COVID using a comprehensive systems approach. It’s about how to heal on the cellular level. My guest is someone who has had an immense impact on my own health and my career in Functional Medicine. After spending time with him, I saw his thoughtfulness with patients and his drive to get to the root cause. It showed me a new way of understanding medicine. Dr. Leo Galland is one of the most incredible resources on COVID and long-COVID syndrome. More than 30% of people who get COVID experience long-lasting symptoms. Not only are they continuing to suffer from things like fatigue and shortness of breath, but we’re seeing increased risk for things like high blood pressure, insulin dysregulation, and brain inflammation as well. Dr. Galland and I discuss the protocols he’s been using to help these people, along with some of the most powerful prevention strategies we know of to date. We get into some really interesting facts around COVID and the microbiome, which seems to work in two different directions. If we’re lacking the protection of a robust and diverse microbiome, the risks of COVID are greater. For those who have had COVID, we see a loss of beneficial bacteria with an expansion of bad bacteria, fungi, and yeast. Dr. Galland elaborates on a key microbe we should all be thinking more about during this time. We also take a deep dive into Dr. Galland’s go-to supplements to prevent and heal from COVID, which cover everything from supporting ACE2 and the microbiome to boosting mitochondrial function.

We talk about all this and so much more; I hope you’ll tune in and share this with anyone you know who is struggling to overcome long-COVID.

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Topics Covered

  • What is “long-COVID” and what symptoms are most associated with it?


  • Upwards of 30% of individuals who have contracted COVID-19 may develop long-COVID


  • The groups most at risk for developing long-COVID


  • The COVID, gut, and heart health connection


  • Eating to protect against and recover from COVID and long-COVID


  • Supplements and probiotics to protect against and recover from COVID and long-COVID


  • Restoring mitochondrial function after COVID-19 infection


  • Chronic fatigue, POTS, and COVID-19 infection


  • Are the Covid vaccines protective against long-COVID?


  • Dr. Galland’s perspective on COVID vaccines


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Ep. 442 - The Key To Healing Long-COVID With Functional Medicine