The Root Causes and Solutions for Women’s Hormonal Imbalances

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If you’ve experienced any of the symptoms of hormonal imbalance, you’d probably agree that they have a lot of power over how well we feel. But unfortunately, especially for women, the signs of hormonal imbalances are constantly being written off as “normal.” I’m here to tell you that they’re not! Today, I’m talking with Dr. Sara Gottfried about why our hormones get out of whack and how to get them back in balance. We dive into the problem of normalizing hormonal imbalances and why women are the most susceptible to this issue. Dr. Gottfried shares with us the primary drivers behind hormonal dysfunction, which includes food as a key culprit. Through her own personal health journey and in helping patients, she’s seeing that dialing in macronutrients can have profound implications for whole-body hormone balance. She shares more about this and her protocol for nutritional ketosis throughout our talk. Women in their 40s often encounter specific issues, like night sweats, mood swings, and other uncomfortable and difficult symptoms of hormonal shifts.

Dr. Gottfried went through this herself, and talks about the benefits she saw from tracking and balancing her blood sugar. We also get into the effects of alcohol and what the science shows, particularly for women who drink moderately. Soy and flax are two topics that often come up when discussing hormones and food, with mixed messages out there about if they’re helpful or harmful. Dr. Gottfried gives us her opinion on using whole food sources of these two ingredients, along with some other nuances of food and hormones (like cruciferous veggies and thyroid disorders). It’s about time we address the hormonal elephant in the room and stop normalizing things that are clearly just out of sync. Dr. Gottfried has some great tips on how to do that, I hope you’ll tune in.

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Topics Covered

  • We need to stop normalizing women’s hormonal issues


  • Weight gain and hormonal issues


  • Symptoms of hormonal imbalance


  • How food affects hormone balance


  • Alcohol and hormones


  • Hormone balancing foods


  • The importance of metabolic flexibility


  • Cruciferous vegetables, soy, and hormonal health


  • Is a plant-based or vegan diet helpful for hormonal health?


  • Why muscle is so important for hormonal health


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Speaker 1: Coming up on this episode of The Doctor's Farmacy. Dr. Sara Gottfried: I don't want women to just sit back and say, "Oh, my doctor checked my labs and said I'm just getting older." Don't settle for that. Don't be dismissed. There's so much misunderstanding about this. Dr. Mark Hyman: Welcome to Doctor's Farmacy. I'm Dr. Mark Hyman. That's Farmacy with an F-A-R-M-A-C-Y, a place for conversations that matter. If you've ever struggled with your hormones, especially if you're a woman, you should listen up, because we are having a conversation today about why our hormones go out of whack and how to get them back in balance, with none other than my good friend and extraordinary physician, Dr. Sara Gottfried, who's been an amazing functional medicine doctor..

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Ep. 452 - The Root Causes and Solutions for Women’s Hormonal Imbalances