How To Become Young At Any Age

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Over the past few weeks, I’ve been sharing episodes from my Longevity Roadmap docu-series. We’ve covered how to optimize hormones, eat intentionally, increase and preserve brain function, and create healthy habits—all to help you live as well as possible for as long as possible. T

oday, we’re going to help you bring it all together. Most diseases of aging are starting younger and younger. So whether you’re in your 20s, 40s, 60s, or beyond, it’s never too late to prevent and even reverse the process we’ve come to call aging. Along with my colleagues Dr. Elizabeth Boham and Dr. Todd LePine, we’ll review the key takeaways you can start using right away to optimize your health for your specific phase of life.

Throughout this episode, we break down what matters most for what age group. And there are, of course, areas everyone should focus on, like supporting the microbiome, balancing blood sugar and hormones, maintaining good cognition, and making our bodies more difficult for things like cancer to take advantage of. We also talk about the importance of protein intake and muscle mass as we age, finding your purpose, how to avoid inflammaging, which tests will serve you best, and so much more.


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Topics Covered

  • How to optimize health at every age and stage of life


  • Supporting your gut health as you age


  • The gut microbiome and its impact on cancer risk


  • Diagnostic testing to determine where you are on the aging spectrum


  • Making your body an unwelcome place for cancer growth


  • Assessing thyroid and overall hormone health


  • Assessing memory, cognitive function, and overall brain health


  • The importance of identifying your why for achieving optimal health and longevity


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Introduction: Welcome to the final episode of the Longevity Roadmap docu-series. Now, as I mentioned, I've been doing everything in my power to boost my health span and my lifespan, and feel energetic, focused and full of vitality every single day. Now, I want to share everything that I've been doing to stay healthy until the end of my life, which [00:00:30] I hope is a long time from now. Dr. Mark Hyman: In this episode, we're going to break down what I believe to be the most critical components of achieving a healthy long life. And most of this stuff, is stuff that you can start today. We know that most diseases of aging are starting younger and younger. We're seeing type two diabetes in two year-olds. So, we..

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Ep. 554 - How To Become Young At Any Age